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Volume 21, Number 1-2 / 1967, Pages 3 – 144

The polysaccharides of yeasts. II. The extracellular mannans of Candida albicans 3 12
D. Šikl, L. Masler, and Š. Bauer
Structural features of the polysaccharide from the plum-tree gum (Prunus domestica subsp. domestica) 13 22
J. Rosík, A. Kardošová, V. Zitko, and J. Kubala
Isolation of lignin-polysaccharide complexes from the soluble portions of methylated wood 23 34
B. Kosiková, J. Polčin, and M. Dandárova-Vašátková
Aminolysis of sucrose. X. Reaction of sucrose with aqueous urea solutions at elevated temperatures 35 43
I. Ježo and I. Lužák
Isothiocyanates. XVIII. The synthesis and infrared spectra of (p-isothiocyanatophenyl) alkyl sulfides and (p-isothiocyanatophenyl) alkyl sulfones 44 56
M. Uher, K. Antoš, P. Kristián, and Ľ. Drobnica
Isothiocyanates. XIX. The synthesis and infrared spectra of polynuclear aryl methyl isothiocyanates 57 64
P. Kristián, E. Závodská, K. Antoš, and Ľ. Drobnica
Utilization of sorghum seeds in the baking industry 65 80
D. Ivančenko, L. Dodok, J. Matejová, Z. Kukulka, J. Pollák, and M. Madarászová
Polarographic determination of colloids in sugar beet juices 81 86
J. Študnický and A. Dandár
Hemicelluloses in the young twigs of Salix alba. II. Isolation and characterization of the coarse hemicellulose fractions from the bark 87 91
P. Kováč and F. Rendoš
Benzimidazoles. III. The synthesis and infrared spectra of 1 - aryl - 2 - methyl -5 sybstituted benzimidazoles 92 98
R.Kada and A. Jurášek
Chromatography of pentoses on microcrystalline cellulose 99 103
K. Linek, Ľ. Kuniak, and B. Alinče
Determination of long-chain fatty acids by gas chromatography without previous esterification 104 108
J.Hrivňák and V. Smirnov
Antituberculostats. VI. Nucleus-halogenated derivatives of nicotinic acid 109 114
M. Čeladník, L. Nováček, and K. Palát
Preparation of samples for the study of diffuse reflectance spectra in an inert atmosphere 115 119
M. Zikmund, M. Blažeková, and T. Obert

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