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Volume 22, Number 4 / 1968, Pages 241 – 320

Extraction of hydrochloric acid and uranyl chloride by N-octylaniline 241 247
M. Mrnka and J. Celeda
Polysaccharide from the cherry-tree gum (Prunus avium var duracina) 248 256
V. D. Shcherbukhin, J. Rosík, and J. Kubala
Benzimidazoles. IV. Preparation, infrared, and ultraviolet absorption spectra of 1-methyl-2-aryl-5-nitrobenzimidazoles 257 262
A. Jurášek and R. Kada
Hydroformylation of allyl phenyl ether 263 271
J. Strešinka, M. Marko, and V. Macho
The effect of heat treatment upon the solubility of potassium in kalitrachytes 272 276
K. Holobradý and A. Dobiš
The metastable range of supersaturated aqueous solutions of D-fructose 277 280
A. Smelík, J. Vašátko, and J. Studnický
Preparation of iron(II) tetracarbonyl chloride and the examination of its thermal decomposition 281 284
J. Jalůvka and J. Zima
Analytical methods based on back scattering and absorption of radioactive emmission. V. Radiometric analytical control of pharmaceutical preparations containing sulfur and chlorine by the β back scattering method 285 290
P. Schiller, J. Jombík, and A. Tvrdá
Possible measurement of extremely low level β-activities by the gas-flow GM detector in 2π geometry 291 299
M. Azduban
Device for withdrawal of krypton-85 for preparation of radioactive kryptonates 300 303
Š. Varga, J. Tölgyessy, V. Jesenák, and B. Filip

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