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Volume 22, Number 1 / 1968, Pages 3 – 80

Radioactive Kryptonates in Volumetric Analysis (I) Radioactive Kryptonates — New Chelatometric Indicators 3 14
J. Tölgyessy, Š. Varga, V. Jesenák, and D. Hroncová
New complexone. XI. Complex-forming properties of β-hydroxyethyliminomonopropione-α-monoacetic acid and of N,N-bis(hydroxyethyl)-α-alanine 15 24
J. Majer and E. Riečanská
Indirect polarographic determination of aldehydes in the presence of ketones 25 33
M. Fedoroňko, J. Koenigstein, and M. Bullová
Investigation of the electrode processes in cryolite melts by the method of potential-time curves. II. Interpretation of the arrests on the curves 34 41
C. Kubík and M. Malinovský
Modifications of dithiocyanatodiammine copper (II) complex. II. Investigation of properties of modifications of dithiocyanatodiamminecopper(II) by thermal analysis 42 49
H. Langfelderová, M. Kabešová, J. Garaj, and J. Gažo
Gravimetric determination of cadmium with β-resorcylidene thiosemicarbazone 50 55
S. Stankoviansky, J. Čársky, A. Beňo, and E. Dolníková
Polarographic studies of chromate reduction 56 61
Ľ. Treindl and J. Koreň
Thin-layer chromatography of inorganic ions. I. Separation of cations with complexing agents 62 67
A. Muchová and V. Jokl
Polarographic investigation of water-soluble isothiocyanates. I. Sodium salts of 1-isothiocyanatonaphthalenesulfonic acids 68 72
E. Gono, M. Uher, and A. Beňo
Preparation of crystalline barium metavanadate and some of its physicochemical properties 73 76
Ľ. Žurková, J. Čorba, and V. Suchá

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