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Volume 23, Number 8 / 1969, Pages 561 – 640

Measurement of the decomposition potential of aluminum oxide in trisodium aluminum fluoride-aluminum oxide and tripotassium aluminum fluoride-aluminum oxide melts 561 573
A. Silný, M. Malinovský, and K. Matiašovský
Statistical evaluation of equilibrium constants 574 581
M. Ebert and J. Eysseltová
Complex formation between boric and salicylic acids 582 588
J. Havel, L. Havelková, and M. Bartušek
Reaction of β-resorcylidenethiosemicarbazone and nickel(II) cations and its application for the gravimetric determination of nickel 589 596
S. Stankoviansky, J.Čársky, and A. Beňo
Phthalides and 1,3-indandiones. XXXIV. Preparation and structural study of 1-methoxy-2-(halophenyl)-1-inden-3-ones and 2-methyl-2-(halophenyl)-1,3-indandiones on the basis of infrared and electron spectra 597 605
P. Hrnčiar, M. Štekláč, M. Livař, and H. Cipinová
Furan derivatives. XX. Preparation and absorption spectra of [5-(nitrophenyl)-2-furfurylidene]pyridinecarbonylhydrazones 606 610
R. Frimm and Š. Kováč
Diels-Alder reaction of alkylcyclopentadienes and dienophiles of the aeryl type. II. Reactions with methyl vinyl ketone 611 615
E. Holbová and J. Hrivňák
Conditions of Isolation of Lipids from Yeast 616 619
J. Šubík
Periodic Thermal Analysis 620 632
I. Proks and I. Zlatovský

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