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Volume 23, Number 6 / 1969, Pages 401 – 480

Theory of equilibrium phase diagrams of condensed multicomponent systems. III. Systems with congruently melting chemical compounds 401 408
M. Malinovský
Theory of equilibrium phase diagrams of condensed multicompenent systems. IV. Systems with incongruently melting chemical compounds 409 419
M. Malinovský
Heterogeneous reactions of solid nickel(II) complexes. II. Kinetics of the reactions of dichlorotetrathioureanickel(II) complex and gaseous ammonia 420 428
E. Jóna, V. Jesenák, and T. Šramko
Optimal Control of a Fluid-Bed Desorption Process 429 440
E. Moncman
Ferrocene derivatives. XX. Infrared spectra of ferrocene analogs of chalcones 441 449
A. Perjéssy
Condensation of 3-indoleacetic acid with phthalic anhydride by the Gabriel and Oglialoro-modification of the Perkin synthesis 450 453
M. Lácová
Polysaccharides of Wood-destroying Fungus Fomes fomentarius Extracted with Water 454 461
A. Kardošová, K. Babor, J. Rosík, and J. Kubala
Polysaccharides of wood-destroying fungi Polyporus squamosus and Phellinus igniarius 462 468
A. Kardošová, K. Babor, J. Rosík, and J. Kubala
Reaction of atactic polypropylene with dibenzothiazol-2-yl disulfide 469 476
P. Farka, A. A. Sokolová, A. A. Dontsov, and B. A. Dogadkin
A Simple Attachment for the Interruption of Thermal Degradation of Polymers 477 478
V. Ďurďovič

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