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Volume 23, Number 2 / 1969, Pages 81 – 160

Chlorothioureacopper(II) complexes in nonaqueous solutions 81 93
Erzsebet Horváth, J. Kováčova, and Ján Gažo
Polarographic studies of some keto-isonitroso derivatives of indan 94 100
I. Zelenský, S. Stankoviansky, Dagmar Zacharová-Kálavska, and A. Košturiak
Polarographic study of some 2-acyl derivatives of 1,3-indandione 101 106
Dagmar Zacharová-Kalavská, S. Stankoviansky, and I. Zelenský
Chelate formation properties of some 2-acyl derivatives of 1,3-indandione 107 112
Dagmar Zacharová-Kalavská, I. Zelenský, and A. Perjéssy
Refinement of the Crystal Structure of Mullite 113 128
S. Ďurovič
Isomorphous Substitution of Aluminium for Silicon in Tobermoritic Structure. I. The Mixtures of Different Forms of Silicon Dioxide and of Different Compounds of Aluminium 129 133
J. Petrovič, V. Rusnák, and L. Števula
The Kinetics of Retrogradation of Amylose 134 138
K. Babor and Vladimír Kaláč
On Furan Derivatives. XVII. Preparation and Infra-red Spectra of 5-Aminofiiroates 139 142
P. Krkoška and A. Jurášek
Furan derivatives. XVIII. Furan Derivatives of ethene 143 146
P. Krkoška and A. Jurášek
Study of Precipitation in Neutron Activation Analysis. IV. Separation of Arsenic (V) Sulphide or Silver Arsenate in Determination of Arsenic in Biological Material 147 149
M. Rakovič
Importance of the preliminary curve in the transformation of the blackening into the spectral line intensity 150 155
E. Plško

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