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Volume 27, Number 1 / 1973, Pages 4 – 144

Reactions of copper(II) chloride with triphenylphosphine. Isolation and identification of some oxidation-reduction products 4 13
D. Makáňová, G. Ondrejovič, and J. Gažo
Chemical consequences of the β-decay of  147Nd in tris(cyclopentadienyl)neodymium 14 22
R. Kopunec, F. Macášek, and V. Mikulaj
Stabilization of daughter 99mTc after the ß-decay of 99Mo in dihydrido-bis(cyclopentadienyl)molybdenum-(99Mo) 23 31
V. Mikulaj, F. Macášek, and R. Kopunec
Anion exchange in mixed solvent systems. II. Behavior of anion exchangers in mixed solutions 32 44
M. Fojtík and V. Koprda
Anion exchange in mixed solvent systems. III. Penetration of cations into anion exchanger 45 54
V. Koprda
Comparison of some spectrochemical methods in the excitation of powder materials by scatter diagrams. III. Excitation of magnesium oxide matrix in d.c. arc 55 66
K. Flórián and M. Matherny
Estimation of DL-glyceraldehyde, dihydroxyacetone, methylglyoxal, and their mixtures by oxidation with sodium periodate 67 73
M. Fedoroňko, E. Füleová, and W. Danieliszyn
Effect of lithium compounds on the stability of tricalcium silicate 74 79
J. Ryba, O. Koráb, and Z. Hrabě
Mixtures of ethylene-propylene copolymer with atactic polypropylene. Efficiency of crosslinking by dicumyl peroxide 80 83
V. Pollák, A. Romanov, and K. Marcinčin
Radical reactions initiated by chelate complexes of transition metals. VIII. System poly(vinyl chloride)-bis(-)ephedrine copper(II) chelate as initiator of vinyl polymerization 84 89
J. Bartoň and H.T. Dung
Conformation of 1,2-isopropylidene derivatives of α-D-glucopyranose 90 93
C. Peciar, J. Alföldi, R. Palovčík, and P. Kováč
Oxidation of polyalkylated aromatics. I. Influence of 3,5-dimethylbenzaldehyde on oxidation of mesitylene 94 100
M. Hronec and V. Veselý
Furan derivatives. XXXI. α,β-Unsaturated ketones of the phenylfuran series 101 106
R. Frimm, J. Kováč, and A. Krutošíková
Furan derivatives. XXXV. Preparation of substituted 5-phenyl-2-furfuryl bromides, isothiocyanates, and thiocyanates 107 111
A. Krutošíková, J. Kováč, and R. Frimm
Furan derivatives. XXXVI. Chromatographic determination of some phenylfuran derivatives 112 113
E. Komanová, A. Krutošíková, and J. Kováč
Furan derivatives. XXXVII. Preparation of sulfides and sulfones in the furan and arylfuran series 114 118
R. Frimm, M. Uher, J. Kováč, and A. Krutošíková
Furan derivatives. XXXIX. Isomerization of substituted 5-phenyl-2-furfurylthiocyanates to the corresponding isothiocyanates 119 121
A. Krutošíková, J. Kováč, A. Piklerová, and R. Frimm
Synthesis, herbicidal and insecticidal efficacy of N-hydroxy-1,4-epoxycyclohex-5-ene-2,3-dicarboximide and its 0-substituted derivatives 122 127
E. Sidóová
Determination of residues of the isomers of 1,2,3,4,5,6-dexachlorocyclohexane in milk fat by gas chromatography 128 134
J. Uhnák, M. Sackmauerová, A. Szokolay, and A. Maďarič
Gas chromatography of methyl esters of aromatic mono-, di-, and tricarboxylic acids formed during oxidation of a mixture of trimethylbenzenes 135 140
M. Hronec, J. Krupčík, and J. Baxa

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