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Volume 28, Number 5 / 1974, Pages 577 – 720

ESR study of free radicals trapped in mechanically destructed polyamide 6 577 580
J. Tiňo, F. Szöcs, and J. Plaček
ESR study of free radicals generated during polymerization of vinyl monomers in poly(methyl methacrylate) matrix under high pressure 581 586
F. Szöcs, E. Borsig, J. Plaček, and M. Klimová
Effect of polydispersity in the use of transmission light scattering methods 587 593
J. Vavra and Ľ. Sakál
Expression of monocentric repulsion integrals on the basis of s,p,d atomic orbitals 594 598
P. Pelikán and L. Turi Nagy
Properties of chlorocopper(II) complexes with triphenylphosphine, -arsine, or -stibine type ligands in solution. I. Spectrophotometric study of formation and redox decomposition of the complexes 599 603
D. Valigura, G. Ondrejovič, D. Makáňová, and J. Gažo
Properties of chlorocopper(II) complexes with triphenylphosphine, -arsine, or -stibine type ligands in solution. II. Chlorination of triphenylphosphine, -arsine, or -stibine as a result of mutual ligand effects in redox processes in chlorocopper(II) complexes 604 608
D. Makáňová, G. Ondrejovič, D. Valigura, and J. Gažo
Amperometrically indicated pseudotitrations. III. Volumetric determination of cobalt(III) with ethylenediamine 609 613
H. Hofbauerová, J. Mocák, and D. I. Bustin
β-Resorcylidenethiosemicarbazone analytical reagent 614 620
S. Stankoviansky, A. Beňo, and J. Čársky
Reaction of indium(III) ions with phlorein 621 624
E. Ružička, A. Lukš, J. Lasovský, and A. Dohnal
Spectrophotometric determination of the activity of strontium and calcium ions by the metal-indicator method 625 632
R. Kohn
Formation of complexes and ion-exchange equilibriums on a cation exchanger in mixed media 633 637
M. Šimek
Oxidation of benzyl alcohol by cobalt(III) acetylacetonate 638 645
J. Kotas, K. Veselý, and J. Pác
Oxidation of benzyl alcohol, allylbenzene, methyl benzyl ketone, and cumene by cobalt(III) complexes 646 658
J. Kotas, K. Veselý, and J. Pác
Isothiocyanates. XLI. Synthesis and infrared spectra of benzotriazolyl isothiocyanates 659 661
A. Martvoň, D. Ilavský, and M. Uher
Isothiocyanates. XLII. Synthesis of 3-isothiocyanatophenyl alkyl sulfides and sulfones 662 665
M. Uher, P. Zálupský, and A. Martvoň
Synthesis of 2-aryl-4-phthalidyliden-1,3-oxazolin-5-ones 666 667
A. M. Islam, A. M. Khalil, and I. I. Abd El-Gawad
Reactions of saccharides catalyzed by molybdate ions. XI. Preparation of L-glycero-L-galacto- and -l-glycero-L-taloheptose 668 672
V. Bílik, D. Anderle, and J. Alföldi
2-(2-Hydroxyphenyl)benzotriazoles. I. Synthesis ad their ultraviolet and infrared spectra 673 679
J. Běluša, Z. Janoušek, and H. Knoflíčková
2-(2-Hydroxyphenyl)benzotriazoles. II. Electrophilic substitution reactions on the molecule of 2-(2-hydroxy-5-methylphenyl)benzotriazole and ultraviolet spectra of the products 680 685
J. Běluša, J. Mazánková, V. Kováčik, E. Rabušic, and M. Potáček
Benzothiazole compounds. V. Synthesis and antimicrobial effects of some esters of (2-benzothiazolylthio)acetic acid and 6-substituted (2-benzothiazolylthio)formic acid 686 692
S. Mikulášek, V. Sutoris, P. Foltínová, V. Konečný, and G. Blőckinger
Synthesis of thiohydantoin and rhodanine derivatives from 4-substituted cinnamoyl isothiocyanates 693 696
M. Dzurilla and E. Demjánová
Synthesis of biological activity of S-(N',N'-dalkylthiocarbamoyl) (N,N-dialkylamide)ethyldithiophosphonates 697 700
V. Konečný
Determination of the products of aldolization of trioses 701 709
J. Königstein, D. Anderle, and F. Janeček
Isolation of cytochalasine B from tomatoes contaminated with the fungus Hormiscium species 710 712
A. Príbela, J. Tomko, and L. Dolejš
Mathematical model of a semi-flow stirred adsorber 713 716
A. Brunovská and J. Ilavský

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