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Volume 57, Number 6 / 2003, Pages 387 – 450

30th International Conference of the Slovak Society of Chemical Engineering, 26—30 May 2003, Tatranské Matliare 385 385
M. Polakovič
Three-Dimensional Gas-Liquid Simulation of an Airlift Bubble Column Reactor 387 392
G. M. Cartland Glover, M. Blažej, S. C. Generalis, and J. Markoš
The Role of Pressure in the Partial Methane Oxidation Process in the Pd—Oleum Environment 393 396
B. Michalkiewicz and K. Ka Lucki
Inserts Intensifying Heat Transfer Inside the Tubes: Design, Investigation, and Performance Efficiency Criteria 397 402
W. Krajewski and A. Ko Lodziej
Continuous Di usion Dialysis of Organic Acids 403 407
P. Prchal and Z. Palatý
Biochemical Method of Oxalic Acid Production from Beet Molasses 408 412
W. Podgorski And W. Lesniak
Application of Zeolite Catalysts for the Abatement of Chlorinated VOCs from Waste Streams 413 420
R. López-Fonseca, J. I. Gutiérrez-Ortiz, M. A. Gutiérrez-Ortiz, and J. R. González-Velasco
Kinetics of Esteri_cation of Maleic Anhydride with Hexan-1-ol Using Selected Catalysts 421 423
M. Grzesik, J. Skrzypek, and M. Lachowska
Kinetics of the Esteri_cation of Crotonic Acid with Octyl, Decyl, or Dodecyl Alcohol 424 426
M. Kulawska, M. Grzesik, and J. Skrzypek
Comparison of Residence Time Distributions of Liquid for Different Types of Input Signal Using a Stimulus-Response Technique 427 431
J. Čermáková, N. Siyakatshana, F. Šilar, V. Kudrna, M. Jahoda, and V. Machoň
Gas Hold-Up and Power Consumption for Gas–Liquid System Agitated in a Stirred Tank Equipped with Vertical Coil 432 444
M. Major-Godlewska and J. Karcz
Using of the Dynamic Pressure-Step Method for Mass Transfer Coefficient Measurement in the Internal-Loop Airlift Reactor 445 450
M. Blažej, J. Annus, and J. Markoš

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