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Volume 31, Number 1 / 1977, Pages 3 – 144

Study of the relations between the standard potentials in an electrochemical system of the type M0, Ma+, Mb+, Mc+, Md+ 3 16
M. Malinovský and A. Reháková
Corrosion of cobalt in the molten sodium sulfate-sodium chloride system 17 22
B. Tomik, J. Leško, J. Tržil, and J. Ullrych
General topological analysis of reciprocal chemical systems. I. Simple eutectic systems and systems with compounds 23 28
M. Malinovský
Electrical conductivity of molten calcium nitrate and calcium chloride hydrates 29 37
J. Novák, I. Sláma, and Z. Kodejš
O-Alkylhydroxylamides of the phosphoric acid 38 44
F. Kašpárek
Study of the excitation of emission spectra in the medium-voltage spark discharge. Part III. Determination of straight calibration curves 45 52
K. Flórián and V. Juričková
Study of the excitation of emission spectra in the mean stress spark discharge. Part IV. Study of the homology of spectral linepairs 53 59
K. Flórián
Mechanochemical effects in vibrationally dispersed polymer mixtures 60 65
L. M. Polukhina and N. K. Baramboim
Graft copolymerization of a series of alkyl acrylates and alkyl methacrylates onto polyethylene 66 73
J. Zurakowska-Országh, K. Soerjosoeharto, W. Busz, and J. Oldziejewski
Graft copolymerization onto polycarbonate film 74 78
J. Zurakowska-Országh and M. Góra
Study of the rotation barrier around the nitrogen-nitrogen bond in the derivatives of benzyl hydrazine oxime 79 82
S. Desherces and J. L. Roubaty
Determination of chlorine in organic compounds containing mercury 83 86
L. Srp and V. Chromý
Gas chromatography analysis of sugars in glycoproteins of blood serum 87 91
D. Podhradský, M. Podhradská, and J. Andrašina
Benzothiazole compounds. XI. Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of 2- and 2,6-substituted benzothiazoles 92 97
V. Sutoris, P. Foltínová, and G. Blőckinger
Alternative synthesis of methylated sugars. XIV. Synthesis of methyl 3,4-di-O-acetyl-β-D-xylopyranoside 98 105
P. Kováč and R. Palovčík
Preparation of some methyl α-D-glucopyranoside cyclic acetals by transacetalation 106 108
D. Joniak, B. Košíková, and Ľ. Kosáková
Reactions of chlorinated tetrahydrofurans. XIX. Polychlorination of chlorotetrahydrofurans 109 117
K. Šlais and M. Vaníček
Characterization of cadoxene solutions of some cellulose esters by ultraviolet spectroscopy 118 126
P. Krkoška, A. Blažej, and K. Karas
Synthesis of xanthotoxin-4-sulfonylamino acid, di- and tripeptide derivatives 127 133
A. M. El-Naggar, M. H. A. Elgamal, B. A. H. El-Tawil, and A. M. Abd El-Salam
In memoriam Professor Kubelka 143 144
A. Blažej

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