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Volume 32, Number 6 / 1978, Pages 721 – 855

Some thermodynamic properties of binary molten mixtures from alkaline earth and alkali metal chlorides 721 733
H. H Emons, G. Braeutigam, and R. Thomas
Temkin's and universal relationships for activities in systems having complete miscibility in the solid state 734 754
M. Galová and M. Malinovský
Phase diagram of the system lithium fluoride-sodium chloride-potassium chloride 755 759
J. Peschl and M. Malinovský
Phase diagram of the system LiF—NaF—KCl 760 766
J. Gabčová and M. Malinovský
Thermodynamic analysis of the phase diagram of the sodium-mercury system in the region of diluted amalgams 767 775
J. Balej
Determination of the self-diffusion coefficients in molten binary nitrate mixtures 776 786
H. H Emons, G. Braeutigam, and A. Winzer
Self-diffusion in molten copper(I) chloride 787 792
J. C. Poignet and M. J. Barbier
Diffusion of cobalt(II) ions in molten sulfates of alkali metals 793 797
J. Leško
Viscosity of the slag systems iron-oxygen-silica-X (X = calcium oxide or magnesium oxide) 798 809
L. Bodnár, Š. Cempa, K. Tomášek, and Ľ. Bobok
Triangulation of phase diagrams 810 820
Ľ. Niepel and M. Malinovský
Dissociation of the anions AlF63- in the system Na3AlF6 —Na2SO4 821 829
I. Koštenská and M. Malinovský
 Stability of AIF52- anion in the system CaF2 —AIF3 830 833
J. Vrbenská and M. Malinovský
Application of the Haase functional relationship for activity to the systems with complete miscibility in both solid and liquid phase. Systems without common ion 834 840
M. Galová and M. Malinovský
prof. Ľ. Krasnec 853 855

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