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Volume 35, Number 2 / 1981, Pages 145 – 288

Kinetics of the oxidation of ethyl ester of 3-oxobutyric acid by the cerium(IV) ions in relation to the Belousov-Zhabotinskii reaction 145 152
Ľ. Treindl and P. Kaplán
Kinetics and mechanism of the oxidation of acrolein, crotonaldehyde, and methacrolein with cerium(IV) sulfate 153 163
M. Melicherčík and Ľ. Treindl
 Solvolysis of the complexes of trivalent thallium with olefins 165 172
M. Strašák
Kinetics of swelling of natural thermoxidized rubber in benzene 173 180
A. Blažková, J. Hrivíková, and L. Lapčík
Kinetics of crystallization of isotactic polypropylene and polypropylene fibers studied by infrared absorption spectroscopy. II. Fine structure of polypropylene fibers 181 187
I. Diačik and O. Ďurčová
Infrared spectra of natural zeolites of the stilbite group 189 202
F. Pechar and D. Rykl
On the choice of standard state at the calculation of phase diagrams of multicomponent molten systems 203 206
P. Fellner
Temperature of the glass transition of some systems of inorganic nitrates and chlorides with dimethyl sulfoxide 207 213
J. Malá and I. Slamá
Structure of bis(triethylammonium) bromochlorocuprates(II) as a function of their composition 215 222
Z. Biela and J. Gažo
Factors affecting copper(II) reduction in aqueous solutions containing glycine 223 228
K. Cedzynska, H. Langfelderová, and J. Gažo
Thermal decomposition of potassium μ-oxo- and μ-hydroxo-bis(oxodiperoxovanadate) 229 233
P. Schwendt and D. Úškert
Study of the effect of temperature, vanadium concentration and degree of acidity of the solution on the composition of solid products. IV. Formation of calcium vanadate(V) from the sodium metavanadate(V)-calcium nitrate-nitric acid-water system 235 242
Č. Gőczeová
Correlation of alkali element spectral lines in the plasma source excitation 243 254
O. Filo and K. Klostermann
Study of the effect of reaction conditions for the spectrophotometric determination of microamounts of lanthanoids by Arsenazo III 255 262
A. Košturiak and D. Kalavská
Acetolysis of a (4-O-methylglucurono)xylan. II. Characterization of the uronic acids-containing fraction of the acetolyzate 263 269
I. Šimkovic and A. Ebringerová
Synthesis, spectral properties, and herbicidal activity of 2,4-dinitro-3-methyl-6-bromophenyl carboxylates 271 277
V. Konečný, Š. Vakronda, and V. Kubala
Isolation of quaternary alkaloids from Mahonia aquifolium (PURSH) Nutt. I 279 283
D. Košťalová, B. Brázdovičová, and J. Tomko

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