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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
Registr. No.: MK SR 9/7

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Volume 36, Number 4 / 1982, Pages 433 – 576

Calculation of nonlinearly placed parameters by the method of planned experiment 433 445
D. Bobok, I. Havalda, E. Kossaczký, and M. Ondrejková
Systems with transformed composition coordinates. I. Fundamental relationships 447 452
M. Malinovský
Thermodynamics of phase equilibriums in systems with polymorphic transitions. I. Systems forming no compounds and no solid solutions 453 471
I. Koštenská and M. Malinovský
Thermodynamics of phase equilibriums in systems with polymorphic transitions. II. Systems in which complex compounds are formed but solid solutions are not present 473 479
M. Malinovský and I. Koštenská
Paramagnetic products formed in the reactions of organometallic compounds. XV. Influence of solvents on diaryl ketyl radicals 481 487
E. Maťašová-Kutejová, A. Staško, and Ľ. Malík
New complexanes. XLII. PMR study of interaction of 2-hydroxy-1,3-propanediamine-N,N,N',N'-tetraacetic acid with alkaline earth metal ions in aqueous solutions 489 499
P. Novomeský, P. Balgavý, and J. Majer
New complexanes. XLIV. Potentiometric study of chelate formation of N,N-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)glycine and D,L-N,N-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)-α-alanine with rare earth elements 501 506
E. Riečanská, E. Fűleová, and J. Majer
 Standard potential of the silver/silver chloride electrode in the 50 mass % mixed solvent acetone—water Pressure of saturated vapour of water—acetone mixtures and Potentiometrie measurements with the cell without liquid junction in 50 mass % acetone 507 513
E. Kozáková, J. Kozák, and A. Groidlová
Properties of hydroxyl groups in the magnesium-montmorillonite structure 515 522
I. Horváth, E. S San'ko, E. A Paukshtis, and E. N Yurchenko
Thermal decomposition of the diammonium salt of ethylenebis[dithiocarbamic acid] 523 529
J. Muchová, J. Macko, Ľ. Bystrický, and V. Bátora
Study of radical polymerization in the presence of polymers 531 538
J. Bartoň, I. Capek, G. Samcová, and V. Juraničová
Oxidation of cumene in the liquid phase in the presence of halogen compounds 539 545
M. Hronec and Y. Masri
Preparation of S-[2,3-bis(ethylthio)maleimidomethyl] thio- and -dithiophosphates, their spectral and biological properties 547 557
F. Gregáň, V. Konečný, and J. Kmec
Synthesis and properties of α-bromonarceine imide and its derivatives 559 569
B. Proksa, M. Bobáľ, and Š. Kováč

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