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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 36, Number 5 / 1982, Pages 577 – 720

Thermodynamics of phase equilibriums in systems with polymorphic transitions. III. Systems having limiting solid solutions but no compounds 577 587
I. Koštenská and M. Malinovský
Thermodynamics of phase equilibriums in systems with polymorphic transitions. IV. Systems having continuous solid solutions in the high-temperature subsolidus region but forming no compounds 589 597
M. Malinovský and I. Koštenská
Thermodynamics of phase equilibriums in systems with polymorphic transitions. V. Systems in which continuous liquid and continuous solid solutions coexist and which contain complex compounds in the subsolidus region 599 604
I. Koštenská and M. Malinovský
Influence of a complex compound on the thermodynamic activity of components in a binary ionic system 605 610
M. Malinovský, J. Vrbenská, and I. Koštenská
On thermal dehydrochlorination of model compounds for poly(vinyl chloride). V. Frequency factor calculations 611 626
P. Kovařík, L. Valko, and A. Gatial
Kinetic study of the oxidation of malonic acid by manganese(III) ions 627 632
Ľ. Treindl and M. Mrákavová
Electrochemical study of the diethyldithiocarbamate anion and of its oxidation products 633 642
J. Labuda, J. Mocák, and D. I Bustin
1H-NMR studies of acid-base properties and conformation of N-alkyl derivatives of aspartic acid 643 650
D. Cviková, P. Butvin, P. Balgavý, and J. Majer
Structural investigations of nickel(II) complexes. II. Crystal and molecular structure of diisothiocyanate-bis(2,5-dimethylpyridine)nickel(II) complex 651 660
E. Ďurčanská, T. Glowiak, and J. Kožíšek
Determination of molybdenum in copper slags, copper mattes, and copper by atomic absorption spectrometry 661 671
M. Matherny and E. Reitznerová
Influence of basic technological factors on discontinuous production of pentaerythritol 673 682
L. Koudelka
Influence of the mode of raw material feeding on result of the reaction taking place in continuous production of pentaerythritol 683 691
L. Koudelka
The role of polysubstituted heterocycles in the synthesis of bi- and polycyclic heterocycles 693 708
B. Stanovnik
Synthesis and antimicrobial properties of 2-(2,4-dinitrophenylthio)benzimidazole derivatives 709 715
M. Lácová, F. Volna, and Ž. Odlerová

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