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Volume 38, Number 5 / 1984, Pages 577 – 720

Kinetics of substitution of the cis-bis(ethylenediamine)dichlorocobalt(III) ion with thiocyanate ion in mixed solvents 577 582
V. Holba and M. Talapka
Temperature influence on the crystal structure of the mixed valence copper cyanide complex [Cu(NH3)4][Cu4(CN)6] 583 595
Z. Kožíšková, M. Dunaj-Jurčo, and J. Gažo
Formation and stability of diethyldithiocarbamate complexes 597 605
J. Labuda, M. Skatuloková, M. Németh, and Š. Gergely
Photometric microtitration of iron by using 7-(o-carboxyphenylazo)-8-hydroxyquinoline-5-sulfonic acid 607 617
J. Chýlková and V. Říha
Study of the velocity of swelling of the sodium salt of carboxymethylcellulose in aqueous solutions of electrolytes 619 628
J. Polavka, L. Lapčík, V. Kellö, L. Hebort, and M. Vyšný
The rate of acid-catalyzed solvolysis and tuberculostatic activity of thioamides 629 636
J. Mollin, H. Paukertová, and Ž. Odlerová
Aldol condensation of butanal in alkaline medium. Comparison of kinetic models 637 647
L. Koudelka
Calculation of rate constants and quantitative description of nonfully defined reaction systems 649 661
L. Koudelka
Kinetics of the reaction of 2-hydroxy-2-methylpropionitrile in sulfuric acid yielding methacrylamide 663 667
M. Polievka and L. Uhlar
Selective monomethylation of O-3 and O-2 of D-mannose with diazomethane in the presence of tin(II) chloride. A facile synthesis of methyl 3- and 2-O-methyl-α-D-mannopyranosides 669 675
R. Toman, P. Capek, J. Rosík, and A. Kardošová
Use of amidinoyl isothiocyanates in the synthesis of condensed heterocycles. Preparation of 2,3-dihydroimidazo- and 2,3,4-trihydropyrimido[1,2-c]quinazolines 677 685
Š. Stankovský and A. Filip
Synthesis of new derivatives of 2-thio-1,3-indandione 687 692
M. Lacová and N. Šišková
Synthesis and biological activity of 6-X-2-(4-R-phenoxyacetylamino)benzothiazole derivatives 693 698
M. Lacová, A. Gvozdjaková, J. Chovancová, and F. Volná
Preparation and characteristics of some 2,5- and 2,3,5-substituted oxazolidines 699 706
M. Koóš, B. Steiner, M. Repáš, and V. Sasinková
Furan derivatives CXCVI. Synthesis and reactions of 3,4-dichlorophenyl-substituted furocondensed derivatives 707 713
A. Krutošíková, J. Kováč, and P. Banák
Preparation of 6,6'-dideoxylactose 715 719
I. Ježo and J. Zemek

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