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Volume 40, Number 4 / 1986, Pages 419 – 576

Study of the molecular mobility in isotactic polypropylene by the spin-probe method 419 426
J. Tiňo and Z. Hloušková
The model of periodicity corresponding to secondary multiple cool flames 427 433
J. Rychlý, L. Delfosse, C. Baillet, and L. Rychlá
Aqueous polymerization of vinyl monomers in the presence of surfactants . 4. Effect of the chain-length of the surfactant on the acrylamide polymerization 435 441
V. Vašková, V. Juraničová, and J. Bartoň
Copolymerization up to high conversions .5. Effect of temperature on the copolymerization of acrylonitrile and alpha-methylstyrene 443 451
I. Capek and J. Bartoň
Solution properties of isotactic polypropylene grafted with styrene studied by light-scattering and by viscometry 453 459
D. Lath, P. Citovický, R. Kazík, and E. Lathová
Blends of polypropylene with lignin .1. Influence of a lignin addition on cross-linking and thermooxidation stability of polypropylene 461 470
I. Chodák, R. Brežný, and L. Rychlá
Hydrolysis of N,N-dimethyldithiocarbamide polystyrene end groups 471 480
Š. Fűzy, Ľ. Černáková, E. Štaudner, and J. Beniska
Influence of the composition of the redox initiation system on the kinetics of the solution polymerization of styrene 481 487
E. Štaudner, G. Kyselá, J. Beniska, and M. Kútna
Mechanism of redox initiating system for grafting of vinyl-chloride onto polyethylene 489 497
J. Bartuš and J. Beniska
Influence of the type of activator and emulsifier on heterogeneously initiated polymerization of styrene 499 507
V. Chrástová, P. Citovický, D. Mikulášová, and J. Schenkmayer
On the mechanism of autocatalytic effect of hydrogen-chloride on polyvinyl-chloride) thermal dehydrochlorination 509 512
P. Šimon and L. Valko
Adsorption of metal-ions on dehydrochlorinated polyvinyl-chloride) 513 517
P. Šimon, L. Valko, and D. Kolkusová
Preparation of O-(3-azido-2-hydroxypropyl)cellulose and its photolysis to O-(2-formyl-2-hydroxyethyl)cellulose 519 522
L. Petruš and M. Petrušová
Volumetric properties of concentrated electrolyte-solutions 523 535
Z. Kodejš and P. Pacák
Etalon buffer solutions in the mixed ethanol-water solvent 537 541
B. Cséfalvayová, E. Kozáková, and A. Thurzo
pH* values of the etalon acetate and oxalate buffer solution in the acetone water solution with mass fraction w(acetone)=50% 543 550
E. Kozáková, P. Majerský, and J. Palka
Modeling of catalytic reactors with catalyst deactivation. 3.Pseudohomogeneous model of reactor with axial-dispersion 551 563
M. Barto, A. Brunovská, and J. Ilavský
In recognition of Hrívik, Alexander work on his 60th birthday 575 576
J. Beniska and P. Rosner

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