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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 43, Number 2 / 1989, Pages 151 – 341

Temperature-dependence of the singlet - triplet (S-T0) transitions in strong magnetic-fields 151 165
L. Valko
Additivity methods of the calculation of thermodynamic-kinetic parameters of HBr elimination from brominated hydrocarbons 167 176
P. Kovařík, L. Valko, and J. Oremusová
Ion radicals of substituted 2-furylethenetricarbonitriles (an ESR, quantum-chemical, and electrochemical study) 177 190
A. Staško, D. Berkeš, S. Biskupič, P. Pelikán, and J. Polakovič
Photocross-linking process in butadiene-styrene rubber in the presence of anthracene Influence of dimethyldithiocarbamates of metals of variable valence 191 200
J. Hríviková, A. Blažková, and L. Lapčík
Dynamics of physicochemical model of selection processes in biomacromolecular systems 201 228
V. Kvasnička
Charge distribution in model organic polymers 229 237
P. Pelikán, L. Lapčík, and D. Marianiová
Theoretica  studies on the conformation of saccharides. 12. The anomeric effect in glycosyl halides 239 244
I. Tvaroška
Changes in dissymmetry of light-scattering in aggregating latex 245 251
J. Antalík and J. Vávra
ESR study of radical products from 1,3-dimethyl-4-alkylamino-5-nitrosouracils 253 258
L. Omelka, A. Staško, T. Gondová, J. Gonda, and P. Králik
Photooxidation of polyvinyl-chloride) Changes in physical-properties due to the exposure to corona discharge 259 266
J. Polavka and L. Lapčík
Abinitio and PCILO investigations of the antiarrhythmic tocainide, its cation and hydrochloride 267 278
M. Remko
Study of 1,4-dihydropyridine type Ca2+ blockers by the methods of quantum-chemistry 279 284
L. T. Nagy and M. Jergelová
Composition changes of the mixed mobile phase within LC column due to pressure variations A possibility of estimating column packing homogeneity 285 296
T. Macko, A. Poťmáková, and D. Berek
Belousov-Zhabotinskii reaction with esters of 3-oxobutanoic acid 297 301
M. Melicherčík, A. Olexová, F. Szemes, and Ľ. Treindl
Dimerization of methylene-blue in aqueous-solutions of inorganic electrolytes 303 313
M. Liška, Ľ. Bartoš, and J. Valášek
Influence of chlorpromazine and its derivatives on the dynamics of lipid-membranes 315 324
K. Ondriaš, J. Reguli, A. Staško, E. Švajdlenka, J. Pogády, and D. Martišová
Molecular mechanics calculations of deformation of paraffin chains 325 334
T. Bleha and J. Gajdoš
Electroreduction of triose oximes 335 341
M. Fedoroňko, M. Petrušová, and J. Alfőldi

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