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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 44, Number 6 / 1990, Pages 721 – 849

The relation between structure and superconductive properties of high-temperature superconductors 721 736
P. Pelikán
Radical reactions in the cold microwave plasma of atomized gases studied by continuous ESR flow technique 737 768
A. Tkáč
Some aspects of the use of small-angle spectrodissymmetry in granulometry 769 773
J. Vavra and J. Antalík
An application of neural networks in chemistry 775 792
V. Kvasnička
Theoretical interpretation of interphase partition of the series of polychlorinated biphenyls 793 804
S. Miertuš and V. Jakuš
ESR spectra of copper(II) complexes in the solids 805 813
M. Valko, P. Pelikán, S. Biskupič, and M. Mazúr
Nonadiabatic effects in the interaction of atomic hydrogen with a lithium metal cluster 815 824
J. Vojtík and J. Fišer
Ab initio SCF study of geometry and internal barriers to rotation of thiocarbamic S-acid and some of its derivatives 825 832
M. Remko
Jahn-Teller effect and phase-transitions theory 833 840
M. Breza
Automatic geometry optimization for molecules with d-orbitals. 5. EHT computational study of systems Pd and nH (n=1-4) 841 847
Z. Slanina
Professor Ing. Ladislav Valko, DrSc. Sixty Years Old 848 849
P. Kovařík

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