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Volume 45, Number 5 / 1991, Pages 577 – 720

Distribution of sulfur between liquid-iron and the system CaO-MgO-Al2O3 577 584
J. Leško and T. Kovalčíková
Electrical-conductivity, density, and viscosity of molten MgCl2-CaCl2-NaCl-KCl quaternary system 585 592
S. Zuca, M. Olteanu, R. Borcan, Am. Popescu, and M. Ciochina
Utilization of experimental sorption data in estimation of the heat of adsorption 593 597
J. Longauer and J. Dudáš
Complexes of benzimidazole with nickel(II) and cobalt(II) 599 603
N. Zelichowicz and B. Morzyk
Electrochemical-behavior of some N-salicylideneaminoalkanoate copper(II) complexes and cuprates(II) 605 613
J. Labuda, J. Krätsmár-Šmogrovič, M. Vaníčková, and Ľ. Gážová
Possibility to eliminate interferences of mineral acids in optical emission spectroscopy with inductively coupled plasma 615 624
J. Kubová and V. Streško
Investigation of the mechanism of dehydrogenation of cycloalkanes over Cu/Al2O3 catalyst 625 641
E.M. Ezzo, H.S. Mazhar, S.A. Ali, and N.A. Youssef
Preparation and characterization of mixed anhydrides of O-allylbenzohydroximic acid 643 649
K. Sharma, B.N. Misra, and I. Sroková
Preparation and characterization of 2-alkylthio-4-(4-bromomethylbenzoyloxy)-6-methylpyrimidines 651 656
Z. Novotná, M. Koóš, and M. Matulová
Investigation of 8-mercaptoquinoline (thiooxine) and its derivatives. 120. Synthesis and physicochemical properties of 6-methylthio-8-mercaptoquinoline 657 666
J. Lejejs, Y. Bankovskii, A. Bruvere, P. Brusilovskii, and M. Zikmund
Synthesis and conformation of 5,6,7,8-tetrahydrodibenz[c,e]azocine 667 675
F. Szemes, A. Rybár, D. Uhrín, and E. Solčániová
2-(3-acylthioureido)benzonitriles. 2. Synthesis of N-substituted 2,4-diaminoquinazolines 677 686
P. Pazdera and V. Potůček
Benzothiazole compounds. 40. Synthesis of 3-(2-alkoxycarbonylethyl)-2-benzothiazolinones and their regulating activity on the growth of Triticum-aestivum L. 687 695
V. Sutoris, V. Sekerka, and A. Gáplovský
Cytidine nucleosides. 2. Photochemical-synthesis of 5-alkylcytidine nucleosides 697 702
M.E. Hassan
Structure of amylopectin .4. The alpha-amylase dextrins and the structure of amylopectin of sorghum starch 703 708
V. Kaláč, K. Babor, and K. Tihlárik
Derivatives of pyrroline in Lilium-candidum L. 709 711
E. Eisenreichová, M. Haladová, A. Bučková, K. Ubik, and D. Uhrín
Constituents of Aristolochia-clematitis L. 713 716
D. Košťálová, V. Hrochová, N. Pronayová, and J. Leško
Associate Professor DrPh. PhMr. Juraj Krätsmár-Šmogrovič, CSc. Sixty-Five Years Old 719 720
A. Valent

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