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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Volume 47, Number 5 / 1993, Pages 273 – 336

Semiempirical Quantum-Chemical Calculation of Electrostatic Potential Generated by Idealized Layer of Talc 273 278
D. Tunega, L.T. Nagy, and Š. Varga
Calculation of Vibrational Wavenumbers of Octahedral Closed-Shell Complexes Using Semiempirical Methods of Quantum Chemistry 279 281
L.T. Nagy, M. Liška, and R. Piatrik
Spectrophotometric Investigation of 2-(2-Pyridylmethyleneamino) phenol Complexes with Cobalt(ll) and Nickel(ll) in Methanol—Water Solutions 282 287
Z. Grabarić, B.S. Grabarić, N. Koprivanac, and I. Eškinja
Tetraalkylammonium Oxalatooxoperoxovanadates 288 291
P. Schwendt, K. Liščák, and L. Ďuriš
The Hydrates of Double Selenates 292 296
M. Ebert and P. Vojtíšek
Phase Coexistence in the System Na20—P205—Zr02 296 297
M. Vlna, Yu. Petrosyan, V. Kovár, and J. Majling
Approximations of the Mineralogical Composition of Magnesite Clinkers 298 302
J. Majling, M. Vlna, and V. Jesenák
Preparation and Properties of Tri- and Tetrahalogenocuprates(ll) with Ethanolammonium as a Cation 303 305
Z. Biela
Cryoscopy of B203 in Molten Alkali Metal Fluorides 306 309
M. Makyta
Intermolecular Interactions of Pyridine Analogues of Picric Acid with Some Pyridine Bases 310 313
J.J. Koziol and A. Nowek
Synthesis of η6-(Heteroarene)tricarbonylchromium Complexes under Ethyl Formate Catalysis 314 316
M. Prokešová and Š. Toma
Preparation of 5-Substituted 4-Oxo-4H-pyran-2-carbaldehydes and Their Condensation Reactions 316 319
J. Bransová, M. Uher, and J. Brtko
Contribution to Methylation of 9-Alkylxanthines 320 324
A. Bozoóvá, A. Rybár, J. Alföldi, V. Pätoprstý, M. Kačuráková, and V. Lokaj
Modified Soybean Oil as a Nonvolatile Additive for Polymers. 1. Amines Bonded on Oil 325 330
P. Citovický, J. Sedlář, V. Chrástová, and M. Ondáš
Modified Soybean Oil as a Nonvolatile Additive for Polymers. 2. Acids Bonded on Oil 331 336
P. Citovický, J. Sedlář, V. Chrástová, and J. Kizlink

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