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Volume 50, Number 3 / 1996, Pages 109 – 156

Computational Problems in Evaluation of Colligative Property Equilibrium Data 109 114
M. Martinez, N. Miralles, A. Sastre, M. Lubalova, and J. Havel
Structure of Disodium cis-Bis(iminodiacetato)cobalt(II) Hexahydrate 115 120
F. Valach, N. N. Hoang, and I. Lukeš
Mutual Interferences of Hydride-Forming Elements in Gaseous Phase 121 124
E. Krakovská and D. Mackových
Evaluation of Inductively Coupled Plasma—Atomic Emission Spectroscopy Multicomponent Trace Analysis Data by Partial Least-Squares Calibration 125 130
J. Havel, C. Moreno, A. Hrdliáka, and M. Valiente
Matrix Effects in Membrane Introduction Mass Spectrometry. 1. Effect of Polyethylene Glycol) on Permeation Rate of 1-Octanol through Silicone Rubber Membrane 131 137
I. Jelínek
Polarographic Determination of Nitroalditols in Decomposition Mixtures with Hydrogen Peroxide 138 140
J. Königstein and B. Pribulová
The Chelates of Ferrocenecarbaldehyde Bicyclo[2,2,l]hept-5-en-2-ylcarbonylhydrazone with Lanthanide 141 145
S. Qingbao, W. Xiaoli, H. Guosheng, and M. Yongxiang
Effect of Ultrasound on the Benzil—Benzilic Acid Rearrangement under Phase-Transfer Conditions 146 147
V. Poláčková and Š. Toma
Disubstituted Ureas of the 5-R-2-Furylethylene Type 148 150
M. Bencková, A. Krutošíková, and S. Mastik
Synthesis of Ribonucleoside 5'-Triphosphates Derived from 2-Thiocytidine, 4-Thiouridine, and 5-Bromocytidine 151 155
B. Nawrot, P. Hoffmüller, and M. Sprinzl
Dr. Ing. Edmund Kanclíř, DrSc. Seventy Years Old 156 156
V. Daněk and Z. Pánek

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