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Volume 50, Number 2 / 1996, Pages 45 – 106

Effect of Added Water on the Radiolytic Hydrogen Yield and the Positronium Formation Probability in Liquid Dioxane 45 49
V. M. Byakov, V. I. Grafutin, and O. V. Ilyukhina
Study of Dielectric Polarization in Extremely Dilute Solutions of Polar Liquids in Nonpolar Solvents through Evaluation of Excess Correlation Factor and Excess Gibbs Energy of Mixing 50 54
S. K. Ray, G. S. Roy, and S. Tripathy
The Preparation of Combined Aluminium Oxide Coatings on Aluminium Substrate 55 59
M. Zemanová, P. Fellner, and M. Chovancová
Photochemically- and Thermally-Initiated Decomposition of Hexazadienes. An EPR and Cyclovoltammetric Study 60 64
K. Erentová, A. Staško, C. Scherer, B. Voit, and O. Nuyken
Isolation of Three Possible Glycols of 2,5-Bis(hydroxybenzyl)- η6  -thiophenetricarbonylchromium 65 67
M. Struhárik and Š. Toma
Knoevenagel Condensation of Ferrocenecarbaldehyde with Some Methylene Active Reagents on Inorganic Supports 68 71
E. Stankovič, P. Elečko, and Š. Toma
Reactions of Methyl 2-Formylfuro[3,2-b]pyrrole-5-carboxylates 72 76
A. Krutošíková and M. Dandárová
Angular Dependence of the C-6 Chemical Shift and the Conformation of the Hydroxymethyl Group  in Carbohydrates* 77 83
K. Mazeau, F. R. Taravel, and I. Tvaroška
On the Flexibility of the Lewis x, Lewis a, Sialyl Lewis x, and Sialyl Lewis a Oligosaccharides Conformational Analysis in Solution by Molecular Modelling 84 96
F. Bízik and I. Tvaroška
Nitromethane Addition to Aldoses Promoted by Strongly Basic Anion-Exchange Resin in the OH- Form 97 100
E. Lattová, M. Petrušová, A. Gáplovský, and L. Petruš
New Alkylated 0-(2-Sulfoethyl)cellulose and Its Properties 101 104
P. Talába, I. Sroková, P. Hodul, and G. Čík
The 70th Birthday of Ing. Ivo Proks, DrSc.
105 106
K. Adamkovičová and V. Daněk

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