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Volume 51, Number 5 / 1997, Pages 245 – 301

Kinetic Study of Action of Additives in Poly(Vinyl Chloride) Stabilizer Systems. 1. Sterically Hindered Phenolic Antioxidants 245 251
P. Kovařík, E. Klein, and L. Valko
Kinetic and Photoredox Behaviour of Iron(III) Complexes with Kojic Acid 252 257
J. Makáňová, J. Šima, V. Brezová, and H. Elias
Photochemistry of iV-(Phosphonomethyl) glycine in the Presence of Ferric Ions 258 262
J. Makáňová, J. Šima, P. Daučík, and A. Horváth
Thermodynamic Analysis of the Molten System KF—K2Mo04—B203 263 267
O. Patarák, V. Daněk, M. Chrenková, and A. Silný
Optical Transmissivity Changes of Thin Hydroxyapatite Sheets on Heating 268 272
J. Majling, Š. Svetík, J. Annus, J. Krištín, and Pm. Marquis
AAS Determination of Total Mercury Content in Environmental Samples 273 275
M. Moskáľová and M.Žemberyová
Separation of Derivatives of l-(2-Hydroxypropyl)-2-methyl-5-nitroimidazole by Capillary Zone Electrophoresis 276 279
B. Proksa, M. Koóš, and B. Steiner
Platinum Metal Complexes of N-Ethylcyclohexyldithiocarbamate 280 282
H. S. Sangari, G. S. Sodhi, and J. Kaur
Bis( O-Alkyl Dithiocarbonate)-Bis(Dicarbonyl- η5-cyclopentadienyliron)Tin(IV) Complexes 283 285
B. H. Chen, H. W. Jing, Y. Sh. Fan, Ch. M. Liu, and Y. X. Ma
Selective Acylations of Anions of 3-Isobutoxy-2-cycloalken-l-ones 286 288
P. Hrnčiar and J. Šraga
Isolation and Characterization of Mitogenic Pectic Polysaccharides from Cistanche deserticola Y. C. Ma. 289 294
A. Ebringerová, Z. Hromádková, E. Machová, R. Naran, and V. Hříbalová
The 60th Anniversary of Professor RNDr. Štefan Toma, DrSc. 295 296
P. Hrnčiar
The 60th Anniversary of Professor Dušan Bustin 297 297
M. Rievaj
Waters Corporation on the Slovak Market 298 301
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