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Author: Vytřas

Improvement of enzyme carbon paste-based biosensor using carbon nanotubes for determination of water-soluble analogue of vitamin E 150 157
Milan Sýs, Radovan Metelka, Tomáš Mikysek, and Karel Vytřas Vol. 69, 1
Photometric microtitrations. 9. Direct and successive chelatometric determination of scandium and lanthanoids in micromolar solutions using Xylenol Orange 377 387
V. Mach, S. Kotrlý, and K. Vytřas Vol. 43, 3
Photometric microtitrations. VII. Chelatometric determination of scandium and lanthanides by direct and successive titration using Methylxylenol Blue 499 506
S. Kotrlý, V. Mach, and K. Vytřas Vol. 33, 4
Sulfonephthalein dyes. V. Characterization of the color changes of methylxylenol blue in chelatometric titrations 648 654
K. Vytřas, V. Mach, and M. Malcová Vol. 30, 5
Sulfonephthalein dyes. IV. Methylxylenol blue as a metallochromic indicator for chelatometric microtitrations of rare earth metals 599 605
K. Vytřas, M. Malcová, and S. Kotrlý Vol. 29, 5
Sulfonephthalein dyes. III. Methylxylenol blue as a metallochromic indicator for direct visual chelatometric microtitrations of bivalent metals 61 67
K. Vytřas, V. Mach, and S. Kotrlý Vol. 29, 1
Sulfonephthalein dyes. II. Protolytic equilibriums of methylxylenol blue 779 788
K. Vytřas and J. Vytřasová Vol. 28, 6
Sulfonephthalein dyes. I. Spectrophotometric study of xylenol blue and bromoxylenol blue using colorimetric systems 252 261
K. Vytřas Vol. 28, 2

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