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Author: Solčániová

Synthesis and conformation of 5,6,7,8-tetrahydrodibenz[c,e]azocine 667 675
F. Szemes, A. Rybár, D. Uhrín, and E. Solčániová Vol. 45, 5
 13C and 1H NMR chemical shifts of substituted 2-benzylidene-1,3-cycloheptanediones 217 221
E. Solčániová, P. Hrnčiar, and J. Šraga Vol. 38, 2
Benzothiazole compounds. XIX. Synthesis of 3-benzylbenzothiazolium salts, their growth regulation effects, and antimicrobial activities 663 676
J. Halgaš, V. Sutoris, V. Sekerka, P. Foltínová, and E. Solčániová Vol. 37, 5
Intramolecular Michael addition as a method for preparation of [m][5]ferrocenophanes. I. Synthesis of [5](1,1')[5](3,4')ferrocenophane-1,5-dione 397 405
P. Elečko and E. Solčániová Vol. 35, 3
Acylation of anisole with ω-ferrocenylalkanoyl chlorides 497 506
M. Sališová, Š. Toma, and E. Solčániová Vol. 34, 4
Competitive intermolecular additions in the chemistry of ferrocene. II. Synthesis and cyclization of 1-(ω-benzoylalkanoyl)-1'-cinnamoylferrocenes 507 513
M. Sališová, Š. Toma, and E. Solčániová Vol. 34, 4
Benzothiazole compounds. XIII. Synthesis and antitubercular activity of some N-[1-(6-R-2-benzothiazolylamino)-2,2,2-trichloroethyl]formamide, -acetamide, -chloroacetamide, and -benzamide derivatives 691 700
S. Mikulášek, Ž. Odlerová, V. Sutoris, A. Perjéssy, and E. Solčániová Vol. 32, 5
Proton magnetic resonance spectra of substituted phenylferrocenes. Transmission of the substituent effect into the particular positions in ferrocene and some metallocenes 526 532
Š. Toma, E. Solčániová, and A. Maholányiová Vol. 29, 4
Hydrogen bonding in phenols. X. The nuclear magnetic resonance data of hydrogen bonds of 2-hydroxydiphenylmethane, 2-hydroxydiphenyl ether, sulfide, and selenide 392 396
A. Kanala, E. Solčániová, and Š. Kováč Vol. 29, 3
Acid-catalyzed cyclization of 1-chloroacetyl-1'-cinnamoylferrocene and acid-catalyzed condensation of 1-acetyl-1'-chloroacetylferrocene 411 417
P. Elečko, E. Solčániová, and Š. Toma Vol. 29, 3
Cyclization of 1-chloroacetyl-1'-cinnamoylferrocene. I. Base-catalyzed reaction 396 401
P. Elečko, E. Solčániová, and Š. Toma Vol. 28, 3
Synthesis, proton magnetic resonance spectra, and biological activity of haloacylferrocenes 94 99
P. Elečko, P. Foltínová, M. Sališová, E. Solčániová, and Š. Toma Vol. 28, 1
Hydrogen bonding in phenols. VII. Synthesis and intermolecular hydrogen bonds of 2-hydroxy-2',4'-disubstituted stilbenes 173 178
E. Solčániová, Š. Kováč, and M. Rendošová Vol. 26, 2
Hydrogen bonding in phenols. IV. Intramolecular OH...π hydrogen bonds of some alkyl derivatives of dihydroxydiphenylmethane, -sulfide, -disulfide, and -selenide 687 691
E. Solčániová and Š. Kováč Vol. 23, 9
Phthalides and 1,3-indandiones. XXII. Methylation of 4-nitro-2-phenylindan-1,3-dione and 4-amino-2-phenylindan-1,3-dione 345 350
P. Hrnčiar, D. Joniak, and E. Solčániová Vol. 20, 5

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