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Author: Repáš

Influence of structure on antimicrobial activity of some heterocycles .1. Alkylpyrazoles and alkylisoxazoles 279 286
M. Koóš, B. Steiner, and M. Repáš Vol. 45, 2
Preparation, characterization, and antimicrobial properties of some 1,3,5-substituted 2-pyrazolines 105 110
M. Koóš, M. Repáš, B. Steiner, and D. Mlynarčík Vol. 44, 1
Preparation and antimicrobial properties of 2-alkyl-3-dodecyl-5-chloromethyloxazolidines 817 822
B. Steiner, V. Sasinková, M. Koóš, M. Repáš, and J. Kőnigstein Vol. 42, 6
Preparation and characteristics of some 2,5- and 2,3,5-substituted oxazolidines 699 706
M. Koóš, B. Steiner, M. Repáš, and V. Sasinková Vol. 38, 5
Enones derived from 4-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde 231 237
M. Koóš, M. Repáš, M. Čiha, and A. Žvaková Vol. 38, 2
Thermal degradation of corncobs and straw 399 408
M. Koóš, M. Repáš, M. Košík, V. Reiser, V. Mihálov, and M. Čiha Vol. 37, 3
Theoretical calculation of optical activity of the nonplanar α,β-unsaturated imines 679 684
S. Bystrický, M. Koóš, and M. Repáš Vol. 35, 5
Kinetics of the reaction of ethylene oxide with hydrogen sulfide and thiodiglycol 501 506
M. Repáš, V. Macho, and E. J Mistrik Vol. 20, 7

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