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Author: Plško

Influence of composition on corroding process of Na2O-K2O-CaO-ZrO2-SiO2 glasses 11 15
I. Staňová, A. Plško, J. Pagáčová, and K. Šibíková Vol. 61, 1
Fluorination of calcium and barium compounds in a d.c. arc 645 651
R. Rautschke and E. Plško Vol. 37, 5
Spectrochemical behavior of scandium and yttrium in silicate rocks 809 815
E. Plško and J. Kubová Vol. 35, 6
Influences acting on the distribution of spectrochemical results 624 630
E. Plško and J. Kubová Vol. 32, 5
Problem of the linearization of spectroanalytical calibration curves 631 638
J. Kubová and E. Plško Vol. 32, 5
Determination of the effect of focal length of a spectrograph camera on the limit of detection 770 774
J. Ríšová and E. Plško Vol. 27, 6
Limit of detection in spectrochemical analysis for a background intensity varying with wavelength 775 780
J. Ríšová and E. Plško Vol. 27, 6
New method for the construction of evaporation relation curves in spectrochemical analysis 781 786
E. Plško and J. Kubová Vol. 27, 6
Importance of the preliminary curve in the transformation of the blackening into the spectral line intensity 150 155
E. Plško Vol. 23, 2
Influence of the resolving power of photographic material on the practically attainable detection power in spectrochemical analysis 930 936
E. Plško Vol. 21, 12
Conditions of increased sensitivity of photographic spectral line registration 516 522
E. Plško Vol. 20, 7
Correction of the effect of binary matrix on spectrochemical analysis 544 549
E. Plško Vol. 19, 7
Vaporization of nonconductors from carbon electrodes during spectrographic analysis 830 836
E. Plško Vol. 18, 11
Spectrochemical determination of chromium in silicates with discharge electrodes 745 749
E. Plško and M. Herkelová Vol. 18, 10
Spectrographic determination of rhodium in platinum-rhodium alloys without using a standard 434 438
E.Plško Vol. 17, 6
Study of the excitation of spectra of powdered substances by applying vibrating electrodes. II. Using gradually developed spectra for the elucidation of the mechanism of the addition of a sample to discharge 285 293
E. Plško Vol. 17, 5
Calculating extrapolation for the spectroscopic determination of admixtures 830 838
I. Proks, E. Plško, and T. Obert Vol. 17, 12
Testing the formation of aluminum chloride complexes with optical rotation in a magnetic field 169 174
E. Plško and T. Obert Vol. 16, 3
Study of the excitement of spectra of powdered substances by applying vibrating electrodes. I. The evaluation of the effect of the interelectrode distance 777 783
E. Plško Vol. 16, 11
A multitube photoelectric adapter for flame photometry making possible corrections of the background, the intensity of which depends on the wavelength 762 768
E. Plško Vol. 16, 10
Some physical properties of carbon electrodes for spectral analysis 404 413
E. Plško Vol. 15, 6
Interferometric determination of the dependence of the refractive index of alkali chloride solutions on temperature 321 326
E. Plško and V. Holba Vol. 15, 5
The reaction of tungstates with some organic hydroxy compounds (sugars) 312 315
E. Plško Vol. 12, 5
The conditions for the formation of compounds of pyrogallol with molybdenum and tungsten 95 101
E. Plško Vol. 12, 2
The condensation of tungstate ions 390 393
M. Liška and E. Plško Vol. 11, 7
The effect of some salts on the optical rotation of tartaric acid 65 71
E. Plško Vol. 11, 2
The condensation of molybdate ions 416 420
E. Plško and M. Liška Vol. 10, 7
The use of a monochromator in place of a spectrophotometer 250 253
E. Plško and J. Gažo Vol. 10, 4

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