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Author: Mesároš

Determination of Nitric Oxide in Biological Samples Using N, N, N', N'-Tetramethyl-p-phenylenediamine by UV VIS Spectrophotometry 741 746
Š. Mesároš and S. Grunfeld Vol. 52, 6
Direct Determination of Nitrite in Food Samples by Electrochemical Biosensor 156 158
Š. Mesároš, A. Brunová, and A. Mesárošová Vol. 52, 3
Application of Voltammetric Microelectrodes for Mercury Trace Analysis in Food Products - Fruit Juices and Beer 11 14
M. Rievaj, Š. Mesároš, A. Brunová, and D. Bustin Vol. 51, 1
Gold Fibre Microelectrode — Application in Trace Analysis of Arsenic and Mercury in Water 91 94
M. Rievaj, Š. Mesároš, and D. Bustin Vol. 48, 2
Mercury Traces Determination by Voltammetry on Gold Fibre Microelectrode in Some Food Samples 31 33
M. Rievaj, Š. Mesároš, and D. Bustin Vol. 47, 1
Determination of Trace Lead in Human Urine Using Hanging Mercury Drop Semimicroelectrode Influence of Matrix Effect and its Elimination 98 101
Š. Mesároš, H. Hofbauerová, and D. Bustin Vol. 46, 2
The application of microelectrodes for amperometric titrations 53 60
H. Hofbauerová, D. Bustin, S. Mesároš, and M. Rievaj Vol. 45, 1
Determination of trace amounts of copper and lead in gallium arsenide crystals by anodic stripping voltammetry with mercury drop semimicroelectrode 643 649
H. Hofbauerová, Š. Mesároš, D. Bustin, and E. Beinrohr Vol. 44, 5

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