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Simple synthesis of hierarchically structured X zeolite from geothermal nanosilica and its evaluation in the dehydration of aqueous solutions of ethanol 337 349
A. Medina-Ramírez, A. J. Trejo-García, B. Ruiz-Camacho, C. M. López-Badillo, J. I. Minchaca-Mojica, and C. Martínez-Gómez Vol. 75, 1
Point mutation in the TGFBI gene: surface-enhanced infrared absorption spectroscopy (SEIRAS) as an analytical method 1079 1086
D. Rosas-Vara, J. R. Molina-Contreras, F. Villalobos-Piña, J. C. Zenteno, B. Buentello-Volante, O. F. Chacon-Camacho, R. Ayala-Ramírez, C. Frausto-Reyes, R. Hernández-Martínez, and M. A. Ríos-Corripio Vol. 74, 4
Alkyl glycosides as potential anti-Candida albicans growth agents 1166 1170
Tomáš Klunda, Eva Machová, Alžbeta Čížová, Radim Horák, Monika Poláková, and Slavomír Bystrický Vol. 70, 9
Preparation of iron, aluminium, calcium, magnesium, and zinc humates for environmental applications 1443 1451
Sylvie Kříženecká, Stanislav Hejda, Vladimír Machovič, and Josef Trögl Vol. 68, 11
Comparison of Different Techniques for Modelling of Flow Field and Homogenization in Stirred Vessels 380 385
M. Moštěk, A. Kukuková, M. Jahoda, and V. Machoň Vol. 59, 6a
Experimental Assessment and CFD Simulations of Local Solid Concentration Profiles in a Pilot-Scale Stirred Tank 386 393
M. Špidla, M. Moštěk, V. Sinevič, M. Jahoda, and V. Machoň Vol. 59, 6a
Comparison of Residence Time Distributions of Liquid for Different Types of Input Signal Using a Stimulus-Response Technique 427 431
J. Čermáková, N. Siyakatshana, F. Šilar, V. Kudrna, M. Jahoda, and V. Machoň Vol. 57, 6
Polysaccharides in the Antipsoriatic Mahonia Extract: Structure of a (1→4)-β-D-Glucan 192 195
A. Kardošová, J. Alföldi, E. Machová, and D. Košťálová Vol. 55, 3
Nonbiodegradable Hyaluronan Derivative Prepared by Reaction with a Water-Soluble Carbodiimide 49 52
S. Bystrický, J. Alföldi, E. Machová, B. Steiner, and L. Šoltés Vol. 55, 1
Antimutagenic activity of carboxymethylated chitin-glucan isolated from Aspergillus niger 366 366
A. Machova, D. Chorvatovicova, G. Kogan, J. Sandula, and E. Stratilova Vol. 52, SI
Preparation and characterisation of a biological carrier based on carboxymethyl cellulose 374 374
S. Bystricky, E. Machova, and G. Kogan Vol. 52, SI
Enzyme Biosensors for Plasma Histamine Assay 794 794
M. Wimmerová, V. Procházka, and L. Macholán Vol. 52, 6
The Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Alkanes C3—C4 by Carbon Dioxide 682 691
M. Králik, V. Macho, E. Jurečková, and L. Jureček Vol. 52, 5
In Memoriam Dr. Ing. Jaroslav Dykyj 713 713
K. Babor and V. Macho Vol. 52, 5
Isolation and Characterization of Mitogenic Pectic Polysaccharides from Cistanche deserticola Y. C. Ma. 289 294
A. Ebringerová, Z. Hromádková, E. Machová, R. Naran, and V. Hříbalová Vol. 51, 5
Modified Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) as a Dispersant in Suspension Polymerization of Vinyl Chloride. 4. Mixtures of Modified Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) 102 105
V. Macho, M. Fabíni, M. Rusina, S. Bobuľa, and M. Haruštiak Vol. 49, 2
Thermally Modified Polyvinyl Alcohol) as a Protective Colloid in Suspension Polymerization of Vinyl Chloride 60 63
M. Fabíni, M. Rusina, and V. Macho Vol. 47, 1
Catalytic reductive carbonylation of nitrobenzene to methyl N-phenylcarbamate 363 368
V. Macho, Š. Morávek, and J. Ilavský Vol. 45, 3
Gas chromatography of alkyl N-phenylcarbamates 519 525
M. Šingliar, V. Macho, and J. Terlandová Vol. 43, 4
A new initiation redox system for synthesis of grafted copolymers 751 758
J. Bartuš and V. Macho Vol. 41, 6
 Professor Ing. Martin Jambrich, DrSc. 60th Years Old 850 851
V. Macho Vol. 41, 6
Prof. Ing. Václav Veselý, DrSc. - 75 years old 413 414
V. Macho Vol. 40, 3
Suspension copolymerization of vinyl chloride with vinyl acetate initiated by diisopropyl peroxydicarbonate formed in situ 817 827
V. Macho, M. Rusina, M. Orságová, and J. Porubsky Vol. 35, 6
Low-molecular-weight polyethylene as a low polarity high-temperature stationary phase for gas chromatography 661 670
M. Šingliar and V. Macho Vol. 35, 5
Stationary phase for analysis of the oxidation products of p-xylene by gas-liquid chromatography 203 212
M. Šingliar, V. Macho, and M. Revús Vol. 34, 2
Reactions of 1-chloro-2,3-epoxy-2-methylpropane with lower aliphatic alcohols. I. Reaction products 252 258
J. Svoboda and V. Macho Vol. 33, 2
Reactions of 1-chloro-2,3-epoxy-2-methylpropane with lower aliphatic alcohols. II. Kinetics 259 269
J. Svoboda and V. Macho Vol. 33, 2
Reactions of 1-chloro-2,3-epoxy-2-methylpropane with lower aliphatic alcohols. III. Mathematical model of polyaddition 270 278
J. Svoboda and V. Macho Vol. 33, 2
Initiation of the emulsion polymerization of vinyl chloride by the system of carbon tetrachloride and oxygen- or nitrogen-containing organic compound 66 74
V. Macho and M. Polievka Vol. 32, 1
Effect of chlorinated hydrocarbons on hydroformylation of propylene 474 479
V. Macho, H. Říhová, and M. Polievka Vol. 29, 4
Hydroesterification of Olefins under Conditions of Hydroformylation 154 159
M. Polievka and V. Macho Vol. 26, 2
Effect of Organic Bases on the Hydroesterif ication of Propylene 44 48
V. Macho, M. Polievka, and F. Gregor Vol. 25, 1
Effect of Water on the Oxo Synthesis 49 53
V. Macho Vol. 25, 1
Alcohols and hydrocarbons as telogens in radical telomerization of ethylene 647 656
V. Macho, M. Polievka, and F. Gregor Vol. 23, 9
A Contribution to the Study of Hydroformylation of Halogenoolefins 656 661
V. Macho and J. Strešinka Vol. 22, 9
Hydroformylation of allyl phenyl ether 263 271
J. Strešinka, M. Marko, and V. Macho Vol. 22, 4
Hydroformylation of 2,4-dichlorophenyl allyl ether. Preparation of γ-(2,4-dichlorophenoxy)butyric and γ-phenoxybutyric acids 844 850
J. Střešinka, V. Macho, and E. J. Mistrik Vol. 22, 11
Hydroformylation of olefins in the presence of acids 164 169
V. Macho and L. Komora Vol. 21, 3
Isomerization of allyl alcohol under hydroformylation conditions 170 176
V. Macho, M. Polievka, and L. Komora Vol. 21, 3
Hydrogenation of α,β-unsaturated aldehydes on Raney zinc catalysts 641 649
E. J. Mistrik, J. Nevydal, and V. Macho Vol. 20, 9
Kinetics of the reaction of ethylene oxide with hydrogen sulfide and thiodiglycol 501 506
M. Repáš, V. Macho, and E. J Mistrik Vol. 20, 7
Cumulative effect of various admixtures in propylene from pyrolysis on its hydroformylation 870 878
V. Macho, E. J. Mistrík, and J. Strešinka Vol. 20, 11
Oscillopolarographic and chromatographic study of disrupted stability of lobelines 369 377
V. Parrák, E. Radějová, and F. Machovičová Vol. 18, 5-6
Hydroformylation of olefins in the presence of α,β-unsaturated aldehydes 890 899
V. Macho Vol. 18, 12
The hydroformylation of propylene by using the high boiling products as solvents 732 738
V. Macho and E. J. Mistrik Vol. 18, 10
The effect of diolefins on the oxo synthesis 629 639
V. Macho, E. J. Mistrik, and J. Střešinka Vol. 17, 9
The influence of zinc and its salts on the oxo process 525 532
V. Macho Vol. 17, 8
Hydroformylation of propylene in the presence of isobutyraldehyde as solvent 667 672
V. Macho Vol. 16, 9
Changes of acetals under the conditions of the oxo synthesis 65 72
V. Macho, M. Marko, and M. Čiha Vol. 16, 1-2
The effect of ammonia on the oxo synthesis 73 81
V. Macho Vol. 16, 1-2
The effect of sulfur and some of its compounds on the oxo synthesis 181 190
V. Macho Vol. 15, 3
The effect of acetylene and some of its homologs on oxo synthesis 830 838
V. Macho, M. Marko, and M. Čiha Vol. 15, 11-12
The effect of oxygen on oxo synthesis 530 535
M. Čiha, V. Macho, and J. Strešinka Vol. 13, 9
The determination of phosphoric acid esters by paper chromatograms 175 177
L. Macho Vol. 11, 3
The determination of higher fatty acids in biological material 522 524
T. R. Niederland, P. K. Kovács, R. J. Dzúrik, and L. Macho Vol. 10, 8
The determination of total phospholipides 310 313
T. R. Niederland, R. J. Dzúrik, P. K. Kovács, and J. Machová-Karfíková Vol. 10, 5

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