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Author: Kozáková

Flow-Through Coulometric Determination of Mercury in Soils and Soil Extracts 144 147
E. Kozáková, R. Bodor, J. Jursa, and E. Beinrohr Vol. 54, 3
Forms of Binding of Copper, Lead, and Cadmium in Carbonate Type Soil Studied by Differential Pulse Anodic Stripping Voltammetry 334 340
E. Kozáková, M. Španková, J. Kandráč, and P. Mikuš Vol. 50, 6
Etalon buffer solutions in the mixed ethanol-water solvent 537 541
B. Cséfalvayová, E. Kozáková, and A. Thurzo Vol. 40, 4
pH* values of the etalon acetate and oxalate buffer solution in the acetone water solution with mass fraction w(acetone)=50% 543 550
E. Kozáková, P. Majerský, and J. Palka Vol. 40, 4
 Standard potential of the silver/silver chloride electrode in the 50 mass % mixed solvent acetone—water Pressure of saturated vapour of water—acetone mixtures and Potentiometrie measurements with the cell without liquid junction in 50 mass % acetone 507 513
E. Kozáková, J. Kozák, and A. Groidlová Vol. 36, 4
PH* values of the standard succinate buffer solution in the 50 mass % ethanol-water solvent 345 351
E. Kozáková, B. Cséfalvayová, and J. Zajacová Vol. 36, 3
Acidity scales in aqueous 50 weight methanol 610 617
E. Kozáková and B. Cséfalvayová Vol. 34, 5
 pH Values of the standard tetraborate buffer solution in 50% methanol 158 164
E. Kozáková, B. Cséfalvayová, and A. Thurzo Vol. 34, 2
Acid-base equilibriums of several azo compounds in dimethylsulfoxide. II. Study of several phenylazo and naphthylazo derivatives of 7-oxo-5,5-dimethyl-4,5,6,7-tetrahydrobenzothiazoles in DMSO and their use for titrations in DMSO 366 376
E. Kozáková, E. Kuchár, and P. Majer Vol. 30, 3
Acid-base equilibriums of some azo compounds in dimethyl sulfoxide. I. Study of some dialkylaminophenylazo derivatives of 1,1-dimethyl-3,5-cyclohexadiones in DMSO and their use in titrations in DMSO 590 598
E. Kozáková, V. Madajová, P. Majer, and Z. Smetanová Vol. 29, 5

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