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Author: Kohajdová

Utilisation of beetroot powder for bakery applications 1507 1515
Zlatica Kohajdová, Jolana Karovičová, Veronika Kuchtová, and Michaela Lauková Vol. 72, 6
Effect of apple pomace powder addition on farinographic properties of wheat dough and biscuits quality 1059 1065
Zlatica Kohajdová, Jolana Karovičová, Michal Magala, and Veronika Kuchtová Vol. 68, 8
Effect of lentil and bean flours on rheological and baking properties of wheat dough 398 407
Zlatica Kohajdová, Jolana Karovičová, and Michal Magala Vol. 67, 4
Application of hydrocolloids as baking improvers 26 38
Zlatica Kohajdová and Jolana Karovičová Vol. 63, 1
Determination of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural after Winkler and by the HPLC method for authentication of honey 186 191
K. Kukurova, J. Karovičová, G. Greif, Z. Kohajdová, and J. Lehkoživová Vol. 60, 3
Lactic Acid-Fermented Vegetable Juices - Palatable and Wholesome Foods 143 148
J. Karovičová and Z. Kohajdová Vol. 59, 2
Sensory and Chemical Evaluation of Lactic Acid-Fermented Cabbage-Onion Juices 55 61
Z. Kohajdová and J. Karovičová Vol. 59, 1
Biogenic Amines in Food 70 79
J. Karovičová and Z. Kohajdová Vol. 59, 1
Using of Multivariate Analysis for Evaluation of Lactic Acid Fermented Cabbage Juices 267 274
J. Karovičová, Z. Kohajdová, and E. Hybenová Vol. 56, 4

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