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Author: Knoppová

Kinetics of nucleophilic vinyl substitution of geminal dihalo derivatives of furan and thiophene 263 270
V. Knoppová, P. Vetešník, D. Végh, and E. Gažurová Vol. 42, 2
Spectral properties and intramolecular hydrogen-bonds of 2,4-disubstituted and 2,5-disubstituted 3-oxo-2H-pyridazine-5-thiols and 3-oxo-2H-pyridazine-4-thiols 73 80
Š. Kováč, V. Konečný, and V. Knoppová Vol. 42, 1
Furan derivatives. CC. Study of the reactions of 2-X-3-(5-Y-2-furyl- and -2-thienyl)acrylonitriles with 4-aminopyridine 425 430
V. Knoppová, M. Kríž, and J. Kováč Vol. 38, 3
Furan derivatives. 176. Synthesis and properties of 4-[2-(5-X-2-furyl)vinylene]benzoic acids and their methyl esters 411 417
V. Knoppová, A. Beňo, and J. Kováč Vol. 36, 3
Furan derivatives. CLI. Synthesis of 2-Y-3-(5-methylthio- and 5-methylsulfonyl-2-furyl)acrylonitriles and kinetics of their reaction with nucleophilic reagents 556 560
V. Knoppová, R. Kada, and J. Kováč Vol. 34, 4
Furan derivatives. CXX. Synthesis and properties of 5-nitro-2-furylbenzyl sulfones 528 532
R. Kada, V. Knoppová, A. Jurášek, J. Kováč, and Ľ. Janda Vol. 33, 4
Dimroth rearrangement in the thiadiazole-triazole system 514 519
M. Uher, V. Knoppová, and A. Martvoň Vol. 30, 4
Isothiocyanates. XLV. 3-Substituted rhodanines prepared from isothiocyanates containing sulfur beside the functional group 240 243
M. Uher, V. Knoppová, and P. Zálupský Vol. 29, 2
 Analytical study of five-membered heterocyclic compounds (N, S). I. Polarographic study of 3-substituted derivatives of rhodanine 96 103
J. Polonský, V. Knoppová, and O. Liška Vol. 29, 1
Isothiocyanates. XXXVII. New method of determination of natural and synthetic isothiocyanates and glucosinolates 799 807
Ľ. Drobnica and V. Knoppová Vol. 27, 6
Thiophene derivatives. III. Preparation and properties of some 3,5-disubstituted rhodanines 521 524
V. Knoppová, Ľ. Fišera, and J. Kováč Vol. 27, 4
Isothiocyanates. XXXV. 3-Substituted rhodanines derived from (p-isothiocyanatophenyl)alkyl sulfides and sulfones 399 402
V. Knoppová and M. Uher Vol. 27, 3
Isothiocyanates. XXX. Synthesis, Ultraviolet and Infrared Spectra of 3-Substituted  Rhodanines 527 532
V. Knoppová, K. Antoš, Ľ. Drobnica, and P. Kristian Vol. 26, 6
Isothiocyanates. XXXI. Synthesis, Ultraviolet and Infrared Spectra of 3-Substituted 2-Thiohydantoins and N-Substituted Ethyl Thiocarbamoylmercaptoacetates 533 537
V. Knoppová and Ľ. Drobnica Vol. 26, 6
Isothiocyanates. XXXII. Microsynthesis of 3-Substituted Rhodanines 538 542
Ľ. Drobnica, V. Knoppová, and E. Komanová Vol. 26, 6
Isothiocyanates. XIV. The preparation and properties of substituted benzyl isothiocyanates 353 359
K. Antoš, A. Štullerová, V. Knoppová, and P. Kristián Vol. 19, 5

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