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Author: Horváth

Study of micelles and surface properties of triterpene saponins with improved isolation method from Hedera helix 1875 1885
Martin Bajcura, Miloš Lukáč, Martin Pisárčik, and Branislav Horváth Vol. 78, 3
Synthesis of glycolysis inhibitor (E)-3-(pyridin-3-yl)-1-(pyridin-4-yl)prop-2-en-1-one (3PO) and its inhibition of HUVEC proliferation alone or in a combination with the multi-kinase inhibitor sunitinib 2979 2985
Miroslav Murár, Jana Horvathová, Roman Moravčík, Gabriela Addová, Michal Zeman, and Andrej Boháč Vol. 72, 12
Antioxidative properties of Sambacus nigra extracts 1202 1210
Dominika Topoľská, Katarína Valachová, Peter Rapta, Stanislav Šilhár, Elena Panghyová, Anton Horváth, and Ladislav Šoltés Vol. 69, 9
Assessment of waxy and non-waxy corn and wheat cultivars as starch substrates for ethanol fermentation 300 307
František Gago, Viera Horváthová, Vladimír Ondáš, and Ernest Šturdík Vol. 68, 3
Synthesis and properties of macrocyclic diazene switch with binaphthalene unit attached via acrylamide linkers 101 109
Anna Kicková, Branislav Horváth, Lukáš Kerner, and Martin Putala Vol. 67, 1
Coupling of microwave induced plasma optical emission spectrometry with HPLC separation for speciation analysis of Cr(III)/Cr(VI) 438 445
G. Heltai, B. Fehér, and M. Horváth Vol. 61, 6
Effect of gamma irradiation on trichromatic values of spices 282 285
J. Horváthová, M. Suhaj, and M. Polovka Vol. 61, 4
Synthesis and reactions of 2-and 4-substituted furo[3,2-c]pyridines 231 236
M. Búdová, K. Fojtíková, J. Miklovič, V. Mrázová, B. Horváth, and A. Krutošíková Vol. 60, 3
Efficiency of a fixed-bed and a gas-lift three-column reactor for continuous production of ethanol by pectate-and alginate-immobilized Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells 154 159
M. Valach, M. Navrátil, V. Horváthová, J. Zigová, E. Šturdík, E. Hrabárová, and P. Gemeiner Vol. 60, 2
Stereoselective Reduction of 2-Phenylpropionaldehyde by Alcohol Dehydrogenase with Cofactor Regeneration 52 56
I. Kelemen-Horváth, N. Nemestóthy, K. Bélafi-Bakó, and L. Gubicza Vol. 56, 1
Plasma-Polymerized DCMPS as Adhesive Film Characterization and Properties 165 173
V. Čech, P. Horváth, J. Jančář, F. Schauer, and S. Nešpůrek Vol. 53, 3
Towards the high-affinity carbohydrate mimetics for activating receptors of rat natural killer cells 377 377
K. Bezouska, V. Kren, O. Horvath, A. Fiserova, and M. Pospisil Vol. 52, SI
Investigation of carbohydrate and non-carbohydrate ligands for the inhibitory receptors of human NK cells: The case of a human CD94 antigen 378 378
P. Novak, K. Bezouska, O. Horvath, and M. Pospisil Vol. 52, SI
Photochemistry of iV-(Phosphonomethyl) glycine in the Presence of Ferric Ions 258 262
J. Makáňová, J. Šima, P. Daučík, and A. Horváth Vol. 51, 5
Interaction of Benzotriazole with Ca- and Cu-Monoionic Forms of Montmorillonite 110 114
V. Luptáková and I. Horváth Vol. 49, 3
IR Spectroscopic Study on Host-Guest Interaction of Montmorillonite with Benzothiazolium Compounds 157 161
V. Luptáková, I. Horváth, A. Perjéssy, and K. Putyera Vol. 46, 3
Optimization of conditions for size-exclusion chromatography of proteins 341 348
D. Hagarová, M. Horváthová, V. Žúbor, and A. Breier Vol. 45, 3
Heterogeneous reactions of solid nickel(II) complexes. XIX. Enthalpy change and mechanism in thermal decomposition of tetrakis(pyridine)nickel(II) isothiocyanate (Ni(NCS)2py4) 371 378
I. Horváth and E. Jóna Vol. 38, 3
Properties of hydroxyl groups in the magnesium-montmorillonite structure 515 522
I. Horváth, E. S San'ko, E. A Paukshtis, and E. N Yurchenko Vol. 36, 4
Dehydration of  GdPQ4 • xH20 333 338
I. Horváth, L. P Mezentseva, and V. Figusch Vol. 35, 3
Synthesis and properties of tetraethylammonium bromotrichlorobis(tetrahydrofuran)titanate(III) 626 629
M. Zikmund, E. Horváthová, and G. Plesch Vol. 34, 5
 Mechanism of the H2O(g) release during a dehydroxylation of montmorillonite 604 611
I. Horváth and Ľ. Gáliková Vol. 33, 5
Mutual effect of ligands and spontaneous redox reactions of iron(II) and iron(III) complexes in acetone and methanol. I 58 65
E. Horváth, J. Šima, L. Jurík, and J. Gažo Vol. 30, 1
Mutual effect of ligands and spontaneous redox reactions of iron(II) and iron(III) complexes in acetone and methanol. II 66 72
J. Šima, E. Horváth, and J. Gažo Vol. 30, 1
Chlorothioureacopper(II) complexes in nonaqueous solutions 81 93
Erzsebet Horváth, J. Kováčova, and Ján Gažo Vol. 23, 2
Redox Reactions of Some Copper (N) Complexes with Thiourea 15 26
J. Kováčová, E. Horváth, and J . Gažo Vol. 23, 1

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