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Author: Hanuš

New substituted mono-and bis(imidazolyl)pyridines and their application in nitroaldolisation reaction 324 326
R. Keder, P. Drabina, J. Hanusek, and M. Sedlák Vol. 60, 4
Kinetics and Mechanism of the Cyclization of Methyl (2-Cyano-4,6 dinitrophenylsulfanyl)acetate Producing Methyl 3-Amino-5,7-dinitrobenzo[b]thiophene-2-carboxylate 133 138
M. Pešková, J. Hanusek, and V. Macháček Vol. 58, 2
Kinetics and Mechanism of the Olefin-Forming Elimination Producing Phenylsulfonylethene 183 186
M. Sedlák, J. Hanusek, and J. Kaválek Vol. 54, 3
How GSH Level Changes DNA-fragmentation of Plasmid DNA and DNA Synthesis of Tumor Cells Treated by Cu(TAAB)Cl2 285 285
I. Dovinová, P. Rauko, E. Hanušovskáa, H. Paulíkováa, and M. Glasová Vol. 52, SI
Correlation of H-1, C-13, F-19 and P-31 NMR spectroscopy data with drug resistance of malignant cells 621 621
E. Hanusovska, I. Dovinova, I. Tkac, and L. Novotny Vol. 52, SI
Isomerizations of C8-C12 cycloalkadienes catalyzed by titanocene derivatives 191 200
K. Mach, F. Tureček, V. Hanuš, L. Petrusová, H. Antropiusová, A. Dosedlová, and P. Sedmera Vol. 36, 2
Polymerization of 2-vinylfuran 124 128
I. Šimek and M. Hanuš Vol. 14, 2
Optimum reaction conditions for preparation of 2-vinylfuran 108 116
I. Šimek and M. Hanuš Vol. 13, 2
Catalyst for vinyl chloride. V. The form of inactivation of mercury contact 155 162
J. Janda, V. Hanuš, and J. Obertík Vol. 12, 3
The solution of polarographic kinetic currents of bimolecular chemical reactions by an approximate method 702 713
V. Hanuš Vol. 8, 10

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