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Author: Halgaš

New Cu(II), Co(II), and Ni(II) complexes with thieno[2,3- b ]pyridine and 2-methylthieno[2,3- b ]pyridine as ligands: Synthesis and crystal structures 323 328
Ján Halgaš, Viera Kolenová, Zuzana Števíková, Lucia Perašínová, and Jozef Kožíšek Vol. 63, 3
Furan-containing thiacyanine analogs and their antimicrobial activity 52 55
I. Kortišová, P. Foltínová, and J. Halgaš Vol. 60, 1
Chromosome of Brevibacterium flavum CCM 251 Contains a Homolog to the Cyanide-insensitive Terminal Oxidase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa 268 269
N. Halgašová, I. Rašlík, G. Bukovská, J. Timko, and J. Kormanec Vol. 52, SI
The King Reaction in a Series of  γ - and δ-Lactone 269 271
G. S. Melikyan, A. A. Akhnazaryan, A. A. Avetisyan, J. Halgaš, and P. Foltínová Vol. 46, 4
Benzothiazole Compounds. 43. Synthesis of Benzazoles with Heterocyclic Substituents and Their Condensation Reactions with Aldehydes 109 112
G.S. Melikyan, A.A. Avetisyan, and J. Halgaš Vol. 46, 2
2-(4-X-2-Nitrophenylhydrazino)benzothiazoles 769 774
M. Potáček, M. Petrů, A. Kukačka, A. Manolopulu, and J. Halgaš Vol. 45, 6
Benzothiazole compounds. 33. Benzothiazolium salts which increase sugar and chlorophyll contents in plants 249 261
V. Sutoris, P. Bajči, V. Sekerka, and J. Halgaš Vol. 42, 2
Benzothiazole compounds. XXII. Synthesis of 3- and 2,3-substituted benzothiazolium salts, investigation of their antimicrobial and growth-regulating activity 247 253
V. Sutoris, J. Halgaš, P. Foltínová, and V. Sekerka Vol. 38, 2
Benzothiazole compounds. XX. Synthesis of 3,4,6-substituted benzothiazolium salts as plant growth regulators and their antimicrobial activity 799 808
J. Halgaš, V. Sutoris, P. Foltínová, and V. Sekerka Vol. 37, 6
Benzothiazole compounds. XVIII. Preparation of benzothiazolium salts, their growth regulation effects, and antimicrobial activities 653 662
V. Sutoris, J. Halgaš, V. Sekerka, P. Foltínová, and A. Gáplovský Vol. 37, 5
Benzothiazole compounds. XIX. Synthesis of 3-benzylbenzothiazolium salts, their growth regulation effects, and antimicrobial activities 663 676
J. Halgaš, V. Sutoris, V. Sekerka, P. Foltínová, and E. Solčániová Vol. 37, 5
Benzothiazole compounds. III. Synthesis and biological activity of substituted N-(2-benzothiazolyl)ureas and benzothiazolyldihydrouracils 829 833
V. Sutoris and J. Halgaš Vol. 27, 6

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