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Author: Gasova

The effect of Cd(II) complexes with nicotinamide (NA) on microalgae growth, production of chlorophylls, oxygen evolution and Cd adsorption 2273 2281
Agáta Fargašová, Alexandra Filová, Iveta Ondrejkovičová, and Tomáš Mackuľak Vol. 72, 9
Chromosome of Brevibacterium flavum CCM 251 Contains a Homolog to the Cyanide-insensitive Terminal Oxidase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa 268 269
N. Halgašová, I. Rašlík, G. Bukovská, J. Timko, and J. Kormanec Vol. 52, SI
Determination of malondialdehyde in blood plasma and platelet rich plasma by ion-pairing liquid chromatography with a 2-thiobarbituric acid reaction detector 451 451
J. Suttnar, L. Masova, J. Cermak, P. Turek, Z. Gasova, and Je. Dyr Vol. 52, SI
Concentrations of vitamin E, vitamin A and/or malondialdehyde as markers of oxidative stress in platelet concentrates stored at room temperature 499 499
J. Suttnar, P. Turbek, Z. Gasova, and Je. Dyr Vol. 52, SI
Influence of the Binary Solvent Methanol—Water on the Values of Protonation Constants in the H+—Alanine System 350 353
R. Murgašová and A. Hanudeľ Vol. 47, 6

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