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Author: Eysseltová

Computerized Method for the Study of Solubility in Ternary Systems 218 222
J. Eysseltová, Z. Mička, and M. Walzelová Vol. 46, 4
Geometric-analytical method for the study of solubility in multicomponent systems 607 616
J. Eysseltová and B. Kovářová Vol. 39, 5
Preparation and study of phosphites. XXV. Bonding in cobalt(II) tetrahydrogen tris(orthophosphite) 180 189
M. Ebert, J. Fähnrich, V. Haber, and J. Eysseltová Vol. 31, 2
Heterogeneous inorganic systems. I. New procedure for the determination of representative points. Dynamic liquidometry 161 168
M. Ebert and J. Eysseltová Vol. 25, 3
Statistical evaluation of equilibrium constants 574 581
M. Ebert and J. Eysseltová Vol. 23, 8
Magnetic behavior of trinickel(II) and tricobalt(II) dihydrogen tetraphosphites 862 866
M. Ebert, J. Eysseltová, and M. Kohútová Vol. 22, 11

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