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Author: Blaho

Approaches in Sample Handling before HPLC Analysis of Complex Matrices 362 373
E. Blahová and E. Brandšteterová Vol. 58, 5
Peptide components of sheep's and goat's amniotic fluid with cell cycle-regulatory activity 402 402
J. Blahovec, Z. Kostecka, and J. Mester Vol. 52, SI
Binding Proteins of Somatomedins and their Functions 811 812
Z. Kostecká and J. Blahovec Vol. 52, 6
Copper(II) complexes with organic-ligands . 23. 4-Nitrophenoxyacetatocopper(II) complexes 49 55
A. Valent, B. Lučanská, O. Švajlenová, V. Seressová, M. Blahová, J. Sokolík, M. Žemlička, V. Hartelová, and G. Plesch Vol. 41, 1
Differential quasi-isothermal microcalorimeter with a digital output. I. Electronic control unit 621 628
D. Blaho, M. Abbrent, and V. Pekárek Vol. 30, 5
Copper(II) complexes with organic ligands. XIII. Benzoato copper(II) complexes with aliphatic alcohols 343 347
O. Hulková, J. Krätsmár-Šmogrovič, M. Kohútová, and M. Blahová Vol. 26, 4
Copper(II) complexes with organic ligands. XIV. Acetylsalicylatocopper(II) complexes of the type Cu2(acsal.)4L2 and Cu(acsal.)2L2 348 353
J. Krätsmár-Šmogrovič, V. Seressová, O. Hulková, M. Blahová, and M. Melník Vol. 26, 4
Copper(IV) complexes with organic ligands. VIII. Copper(II) salicylate and o-cresotate complexes with ethanol 493 501
J. Krätsmár-Šmogrovič, O. Hulková, B. Lučanská, and M. Blahová Vol. 22, 7
Copper complexes with organic ligands. II. Chemistry of ο-cresotinatocopper(II) complexes 892 899
J. Krätsmár-Šmogrovič, O. Hulková, B. Lučanská, and M. Bláhová Vol. 19, 12

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