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Author: Berek

Limited sample recovery in coupled methods of high-performance liquid chromatography of synthetic polymers 249 252
D. Berek and A. Russ Vol. 60, 3
Characterization of Column Packings for High-Performance Liquid Chromatography by Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy 368 370
O. Šauša, J. Krištiak, and D. Berek Vol. 59, 5
Novel Porous Carbons and their Utilization in Trace Analysis 40 48
E. Matisová, S. Hrouzková, I. Nováak, D. Berek, and J. Kozánková Vol. 53, 1
The Testing of Carbon Sorbent for Preconcentration of Volatile Organic Trace Compounds 169 174
S. Škrabáková, E. Matisová, M. Onderová, I. Novák, and D. Berek Vol. 48, 3
Influence of pore structure of silica packing on hplc column characteristics 31 43
I. Novák, B. Buszewski, J. Garaj, and D. Berek Vol. 44, 1
Composition changes of the mixed mobile phase within LC column due to pressure variations A possibility of estimating column packing homogeneity 285 296
T. Macko, A. Poťmáková, and D. Berek Vol. 43, 2
Application of a new type of porous supports in gas chromatography 336 342
O. Mlejnek, Ľ. Cvečková, I. Novák, and D. Berek Vol. 28, 3

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