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Author: Arpai

The activity of proteolytic enzymes of micro.ovrddot.organisms isolated from refrigerated meat. III. Chromatographic study of the effect of cold storage on peptidases 360 369
J. Arpai, M. Behúň, and Z. Lifková Vol. 15, 5
Activity of the proteolytic enzymes of the micro.ovrddot.organisms isolated from refrigerated meat. II. Manometric determination of the activity and of Q10 of peptidases on the di- and triglycine substrate 218 230
J. Arpai and Z. Lifková Vol. 15, 3
Activity of proteolytic enzymes in microorganisms isolated from meat kept under refrigeration. I. Extra- and intracellular dipeptidases. Kinetics at 40, 30 20° 148 158
J. Arpai Vol. 14, 2
Enzymic oxidation of itaconic acid to itatartaric acid 613 619
J. Arpai Vol. 12, 10
Kinetics of the biosynthesis of itaconic acid 669 680
J. Arpai and F. Valentin Vol. 11, 11
The effect of raw material on the biological quality of corn liquor 52 62
F. Valentin, P. Hanula, and J. Arpai Vol. 10, 1

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