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Antioxidant and binding properties of methanol extracts from indigo plant leaves 1421 1427
Yun-Jum Park, Chang-Sik Shin, Bo-Eun Kim, Gil-Yong Cheon, Jong-Hyang Bae, Yang-Gyu Ku, Su-Min Park, Buk-Gu Heo, Dae-Guk Kim, Ja-Yong Cho, and Shela Gorinstein Vol. 68, 10
Kinetics of Ethyl Acetate Formation by Lipase in Organic Solvent and Solvent-Free System 278 281
K. Bélafi-Bakó, A. Kabiri Badr, N. Nemestóthy, U. Ehrenstein, and L. Gubicza Vol. 57, 4
Nonbiodegradable Hyaluronan Derivative Prepared by Reaction with a Water-Soluble Carbodiimide 49 52
S. Bystrický, J. Alföldi, E. Machová, B. Steiner, and L. Šoltés Vol. 55, 1
Copper/Zinc Oxide Catalysts. VIII. Crystal Structure of Zinc Maleate Dihydrate, Zn(C404H2)(H20)2 and its Comparison with the Structure of the Cu-Zn Analogue Zno,94Cuo.o6(C404H2)(H20)2 282 288
J. Černák, D. Mikloš, C. Kappenstein, I. Potočňák, J. Chomič, and F. Gérard Vol. 54, 5
Glycosylmethylamines as a New Tool in the Lectin Research 340 343
J. Nahálková, B. Pribulová, J. Švitel, K. Königstein, M. Petrušová, P. Gemeiner, and L. Petruš Vol. 53, 5
Formation and Surface Structure of Ti-Zn-Double Oxides and of Zn Ferrite 147 151
U. Steinike, P. Druska, B. Wallis, D.-Chr. Uecker, and V. SŠepelák Vol. 52, 3
Separation of Derivatives of l-(2-Hydroxypropyl)-2-methyl-5-nitroimidazole by Capillary Zone Electrophoresis 276 279
B. Proksa, M. Koóš, and B. Steiner Vol. 51, 5
Polarographic Determination of Nitroalditols in Decomposition Mixtures with Hydrogen Peroxide 138 140
J. Königstein and B. Pribulová Vol. 50, 3
Preparation and Characterization of Some Sugar Nitriles 15 20
M. Koóš and B. Steiner Vol. 50, 1
Reaction of 3-0-Benzoyl-1,2-0-isopropyľidene-α-Dxylofuranurononitrile with Phenylmagnesium Bromide 426 428
M. Koóš, B. Steiner, and J. Alföldi Vol. 48, 6
Influence of Structure on Antimicrobial Activity of Some Heterocycies.4. 1 -(3-Alkylamino-2-hydroxypropyl)-2-methyl-5-nitroimidazoles 54 57
M. Koóš, B. Steiner, and Z. Novotná Vol. 48, 1
Reaction of Cyclobuxine D with Epoxides 268 270
B. Proksa, B. Steiner, and M. Koóš Vol. 47, 4
Reactions of Saccharides Catalyzed by Molybdate Ions. 47. Effect of Molybdate Ions on Transformation of Lower Aldoses 257 260
J. Königstein and V. Bílik Vol. 46, 4
Preparation, Characterization, and Antimicrobial Activity of 3-Alkyl-5-decyloxymethyloxazolidines 202 206
B. Steiner, M. Koóš, and V. Sasinková Vol. 46, 3
Polarographic Determination of N-Oxides of 2-Substituted 3-Alkyl-5-Chloromethyloxazolidines 28 30
J. Königstein and B. Steiner Vol. 46, 1
Amine Oxides of Substituted 2-Phenyl-3-dodecyl-5-chloromethyloxazolidines and Their Antimicrobial and Surface-Active Properties 47 49
B. Steiner, M. Koóš, and V. Sasinková Vol. 46, 1
Influence of Structure on Antimicrobial Activity of Some Heterocycles. 2. Alkylpyrazolones and Alkylcoumarins 50 54
M. Koóš, A. Žvaková, B. Steiner, and M. Matulová Vol. 46, 1
Influence of structure on antimicrobial activity of some heterocycles .1. Alkylpyrazoles and alkylisoxazoles 279 286
M. Koóš, B. Steiner, and M. Repáš Vol. 45, 2
Model kinetic systems with multiple stationary states and their stability in an ideally stirred flow reactor - tristable system 433 440
A. Tockstein Vol. 44, 4
Amine oxides of some alkyl derivatives of oxazolidine, their surface-active and antimicrobial properties 281 286
B. Steiner, M. Koóš, V. Sasinková, D. Pavliaková, and J. Kőnigstein Vol. 44, 2
Preparation, characterization, and antimicrobial properties of some 1,3,5-substituted 2-pyrazolines 105 110
M. Koóš, M. Repáš, B. Steiner, and D. Mlynarčík Vol. 44, 1
Preparation and antimicrobial properties of 2-alkyl-3-dodecyl-5-chloromethyloxazolidines 817 822
B. Steiner, V. Sasinková, M. Koóš, M. Repáš, and J. Kőnigstein Vol. 42, 6
Preparation and characteristics of some 2,5- and 2,3,5-substituted oxazolidines 699 706
M. Koóš, B. Steiner, M. Repáš, and V. Sasinková Vol. 38, 5
Cleavage of the glycosidic bonds in methyl β-D-cellotrioside in alkaline medium 223 229
I. Šimkovic, A. Ebringerová, J. Königstein, V. Mihálov, and F. Janeček Vol. 38, 2
Determination of kinetic data for the transformation of methylglyoxal 471 479
J. Königstein, D. Anderle, and M. Fedoroňko Vol. 35, 4
Determination of kinetic data for the hydrolysis of enol ether of the ester of uronic acid 768 773
J. Königstein, D. Anderle, and M. Fedoroňko Vol. 33, 6
Deuteration of simple α-dicarbonyl compounds and their quinoxaline derivatives 515 520
J. Königstein, M. Fedoroňko, and J. Alföldi Vol. 33, 4
Isomerization of pentoses and 2-pentuloses by inorganic phosphates 397 403
Ľ. Stankovič and J. Königstein Vol. 33, 3
Reactions of saccharides catalyzed by molybdate ions. XIV. Epimerization of pentuloses 685 689
Ľ. Stankovič, V. Bílik, M. Fedoroňko, and J. Königstein Vol. 29, 5
Determination of the products of aldolization of trioses 701 709
J. Königstein, D. Anderle, and F. Janeček Vol. 28, 5
Indirect polarographic determination of aldehydes in the presence of ketones 25 33
M. Fedoroňko, J. Koenigstein, and M. Bullová Vol. 22, 1
Polarographic study of the complex formation between mercury ions and the meso and racemic forms of 2,3-diaminobutane 115 123
J. Königstein, S. Stankoviansky, and M. Herkeľová Vol. 20, 2
Výsledky biologických pokusov so superfosfátom granulovaným sulfitovým výluhom 505 534
L. Pastýrik, P. Nemec, J. Moravčík, and G. Steinhubel Vol. 5, 9-10
A review of progress in the distilling industry 420 436
I. Štein Vol. 4, 7-8
The saccharification process and its effect on amylase activity 225 268
I. Štein Vol. 4, 5-6
A new method for determination of nutritive value of the foodstuffs used in industrial alcohol distilleries 168 205
I. Štein Vol. 3, 5-6
Vegetable amylases 201 224
I. Štein Vol. 2, 7
Economical news 188 195
M.Marko and I. Stein Vol. 2, 5-6
Economical news 130 131
M.Marko and I. Stein Vol. 2, 4

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