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Author: Štaudner

Functional terpolymers 119 124
E. Štaudner, G. Kyselá, A. Žemlička, I. Goljer, S. Nosálová, and Y. Smandrová Vol. 41, 1
Hydrolysis of N,N-dimethyldithiocarbamide polystyrene end groups 471 480
Š. Fűzy, Ľ. Černáková, E. Štaudner, and J. Beniska Vol. 40, 4
Influence of the composition of the redox initiation system on the kinetics of the solution polymerization of styrene 481 487
E. Štaudner, G. Kyselá, J. Beniska, and M. Kútna Vol. 40, 4
Preparation of polystyrene with low relative molecular mass 511 518
E. Štaudner, Š. Fűzy, L. Černáková, J. Beniska, G. Kyselá, and G. Rízner Vol. 37, 4
Study of thermal decomposition of tetramethylthiuram disulfide 336 341
E. Štaudner, J. Beniska, and G. Kyselá Vol. 30, 3
Effect of sulfur compounds on the polymerization of vinyl monomers. I. Influence of tetramethylthiuram disulfide on the polymerization of styrene 18 27
E. Štaudner, J. Beniska, and G. Znamenáková Vol. 20, 1
Modification of rubber. III. The preparation of modified polymers from plasticized rubber 330 336
J. Beniska and E. Štaudner Vol. 17, 5
Modification of rubber. IV. The composition of mixtures after grafting butadienestyrene rubber with styrene 337 345
E. Štaudner, J. Beniska, K. Stoklasa, J. Mosný, and J. Dohányos Vol. 17, 5
Modification of rubbers. I. Plasticization on two roll mills 292 305
J. Beniska and E. Štaudner Vol. 15, 4

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