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Author: Šimek

Possibilities for removal of chlorinated dye Mordant Blue 9 from model waste water‡ 470 476
Miroslav Šimek, Petr Mikulášek, Petr Kalenda, and Tomáš Weidlich Vol. 70, 4
Spectrophotometry study of the reaction between dyes of the alizarin green series and vanadates in the presence of cetylpyridinium cation 91 101
J. Šimek, Nguyen Truong Son, and E. Ružička Vol. 39, 1
Decomposition of peroxides of isotactic powdered polypropylene by hydroiodic acid 194 204
P. Citovický, I. Šimek, D. Mikulášová, and V. Chrástová Vol. 32, 2
Effect of tartaric and sulfosalicylic acids on metallic ion exchange equilibriums on an anion exchanger 640 647
M. Šimek Vol. 30, 5
Iodometric determination of hydroperoxides of powdered isotactic polypropylene 342 350
P. Citovický, I. Šimek, D. Mikulášová, and V. Chrástová Vol. 30, 3
Separation of hydroxyanthraquinones by chromatography 200 207
B. Rittich and M. Šimek Vol. 30, 2
Separation of quinone 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazones by thin-layer chromatography 208 212
B. Rittich and M. Šimek Vol. 30, 2
Emulsion polymerization of styrene initiated by peroxides of powdered isotactic polypropylene in the presence of triethylenetetramine 802 809
P. Citovický, I. Šimek, D. Mikulášová, V. Chrástová, and J. Řezníček Vol. 28, 6
Formation of complexes and ion-exchange equilibriums on a cation exchanger in mixed media 633 637
M. Šimek Vol. 28, 5
 Sorption of Sc (III) and Fe(III) ions by a cation exchanger from solutions of concentrated acids and organic solvents 343 348
M. Šimek Vol. 28, 3
Influence of organic solvents on the selectivity of a cation exchanger in acidic media 349 354
M. Šimek Vol. 28, 3
Ion-exchange equilibriums of sulfuric acid in a mixed medium 600 605
M. Šimek Vol. 27, 5
Reaction of ammonium salt of thioorotic acid with nickel(II) ions 199 203
J. Šimek, J. Lasovský, M. Král, and E. Ružička Vol. 27, 2
Effect of the degree of atacticity and degree of crystallization on the dynamic-mechanical properties of polypropylene 43 54
I. Šimek and J. Šmíd Vol. 20, 1
Inoculation of polypropylene with styrene. II. The optimum concentration of components of the redox system 620 628
I. Šimek, D. Mikulášová, and M. Gheorghiu Vol. 18, 8
Tetravinylsilane 21 27
I. Šimek Vol. 18, 1
Radical polymerization of tetravinylsilane. I. The kinetics of the polymerization 640 647
I. Šimek Vol. 17, 9
Radical polymerization of tetravinylsilane. II. Copolymerization of tetravinylsilane with methyl acrylate 757 764
I. Šimek and L. Komora Vol. 17, 10-11
Laboratory preparation of trimethylvinylsilane 278 282
I. Šimek and J. Alač Vol. 15, 4
Copolymerization of 2-vinylfuran with vinylidene chloride and the determination of copolymerization parameters 581 589
Š. Kamenár, I. Šimek, and E. Regensbogenová Vol. 14, 8
Alkenyl silanes. Preparation and polymerization 388 403
I. Šimek Vol. 14, 5
Polymerization of 2-vinylfuran 124 128
I. Šimek and M. Hanuš Vol. 14, 2
Polymerization of tetrasubstituted allylmethylsilanes. IV. Copolymerization of methyl methacrylate with triallylmethylsilane and tetraallylsilane 228 233
D. Mikulášová, J. Pavlinec, I. Šimek, and A. Hrivík Vol. 13, 4
Optimum reaction conditions for preparation of 2-vinylfuran 108 116
I. Šimek and M. Hanuš Vol. 13, 2
The utilization of corn waste matter in the production of plastics 370 377
Ľ. Chaternuch and I. Šimek Vol. 11, 6
The preparation of allylmagnesium bromide 622 625
D. Mikulášová, A. Hrivík, and I. Šimek Vol. 10, 10

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