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ISSN electronic edition: 1336-9075
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Author: Šefčík

Effects of temperature and concentration on mechanism and kinetics of thermally induced deposition from coffee extracts 1755 1766
Marek Kroslak, Massimo Morbidelli, and Jan Sefcik Vol. 68, 12
Modification of Colloidal Stability of Casein Micelles by Enzymatic Hydrolysis 400 405
M. Šefčíková, J. Šefčík, and J. Šefčík Vol. 56, 6
Kinetics of Casein Micelle Destabilization 345 350
M. Šefčíková, J. Šefčík, J. Šefčík, and V. Báleš Vol. 54, 6a
Kinetic Parameters of Casein Protein Coagulation 370 373
M. Šefčíková, J. Šefčík, and V. Báleš Vol. 53, 6
Description of equilibrium data of the adsorption of n-heptane on molecular sieve 5 A by an actual form of the Freundlich isotherm 303 311
D. Bobok, E. Kossaczký, and M. Šefčíková Vol. 29, 3
Entropy of adsorption of n-pentane on molecular sieve Calsit 5 191 198
M. Šefčíková, E. Kossaczký, and D. Bobok Vol. 29, 2

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