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Texture and structural changes in nylon fibers. IV

V. Hurt, M. Jambrich, and M. Javorek

Forschungsinstitut für Chemiefasern in Svit


Abstract: The crystn. of nylon products formed by extension and tempering in the air and in water is described. The crystn. was detd. by 2 x-ray methods: a modified Goppel's (CA 42, 4381h) and a fully automatic camera, and by the detn. of sp. gr. Tempering in the water or in the air has a different effect not only on the speed of changes in structural modifications but also on the final degree of the crystn. By tempering nylons in water at 100° the max. degree of crystn. reached was 53%; at 180°, the max. was 61%. By extension of nylon fibers the crystn. is increased approx. 10%.

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Chemical Papers 14 (2) 137–147 (1960)

Saturday, June 22, 2024

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