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Statistical evaluation of equilibrium constants

M. Ebert and J. Eysseltová

Institut für anorganische Chemie der Naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät an der Karlsuniversität, Prag 2


Abstract: An application of the potentiometric pH measurements of a dibasic acid in the presence of an abundance of the metallic ions for a statistical anal. of calcns. of the equil. const. was described. By applying the approxn. value for the metallic ion concn.: [Me2+] = 1/2 (2cMe - cA), (where cMe is the concn. of the metal and cA the conc n. of the ligand) it was detd. that there is a need for at least a 6-fold abundance of the metal ions for the correct calcn. of the equil. const. The evaluation of the calcn. in the case of the chem. equil. with a weak interaction is not possible because the assocn. const. is <10.

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Chemical Papers 23 (8) 574–581 (1969)

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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