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Experimental realization of elimination polarography

K. Kořenek, L. Trnková, and O. Dračka

Department of Theoretical and Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Masaryk University, CS-611 37 Brno


Abstract: An experimental implementation of elimination polarography based on a previously developed theory is described. For the linear combination of instantaneous Polarographie current, its time integral and time derivative, and tasting the resulting function, a DC polarograph adapter was built. The results of capacity current elimination at a micromolar concentration of depolarizers confirm the theory and justify the conclusion that the sensitivity limit is comparable to pulse methods. Moreover, a new effect of current depression before Zn(II) reduction in this concentration range is observed.

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Chemical Papers 44 (4) 527–533 (1990)

Thursday, March 23, 2023

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