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Author: Devinsky

Determination of pKa of N-alkyl-N,N-dimethylamine-N-oxides using 1H NMR and 13C NMR spectroscopy 842 846
Alexander Búcsi, Janka Karlovská, Michal Chovan, Ferdinand Devínsky, and Daniela Uhríková Vol. 68, 6
Fluoride anion sensing using colorimetric reagents containing binaphthyl moiety and urea binding site 709 715
Roman Mikláš, Peter Kasák, Ferdinand Devínsky, and Martin Putala Vol. 63, 6
Mode of action of new organic ammonium salts 559 559
M. Miko, A. Gul'asova, and F. Devinsky Vol. 52, SI
Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of a Series of N,N-Dimethyl-N-alkyl-D-glucaminium Bromides 310 315
F. Gregáň, F. Devínsky, J. Zima, D. Mlynarčík, P. Novomeský, I. Lacko, and J. Sivý Vol. 50, 5
Correlations between Structure and Biological Activity of Bis-Quaternary Isosters of 1,5-Pentanediammonium Dibromides Algicidal Activity and Inhibition of Photochemical Activity of Chloroplasts 39 42
K. Kráľová, D. Loos, F. Devínsky, and I. Lacko Vol. 49, 1
Charge-Transfer Complexes of Tertiary Aromatic Amines with Tetracyanoethylene 28 31
F. Šeršeň, I. Lacko, and F. Devínsky Vol. 49, 1
Redox Behaviour of Some Superoxide Dismutase-Mimetic Copper(ll) Complexes of  N-Salicylideneaminoalkanoate Type with Diazoles 24 27
L. Andrezálová, J. Labuda, Z. Ďuračková, A. Valent, and F. Devínsky Vol. 49, 1
In Memory of Professor RNDr. Ľudovít Krasnec 271 271
F. Devínsky and A. Valent Vol. 47, 4
Interactions of ß-Cyclodextrin with 4-Alkylmorpholine N-Oxide Surfactants 51 54
K. Kráľová, Ľ. Mitterhauszerová, F. Devínsky, and I. Lacko Vol. 47, 1
Quaternary ammonium-salts. 33. QSAR of antimicrobially active Niketamide derivatives 159 170
F. Devínsky, I. Lacko, D. Mlynarčík, E. Švajdlenka, and V. Borovská Vol. 44, 2
 Professor RNDr. Ľudovít Krasnec 75 Years Old 845 847
F. Devínsky and J. Krätsmár-Šmogrovič Vol. 42, 6
Quaternary ammonium-salts. 18. Preparation and relationship between structure, IR spectral characteristics, and antimicrobial activity of some new bis-quaternary isosters of 1,5-pentanediammonium dibromides 803 814
F. Devínsky, I. Lacko, F. Bittererová, and D. Mlynarčík Vol. 41, 6
Amine oxides. XIV. Preparation, infrared spectra, and antimicrobial activity of tris(N-oxides) of bis(2-dimethyIaminoethyl)aIkyIamines 125 134
F. Devínsky, F. Bittererová, I. Lacko, and D. Mlynarčík Vol. 39, 1
Amine oxides. VIII. Preparation, infrared spectra, and antimicrobial activity of some N-oxides of N,N-dialkylaminoalkyl esters and N',N'-dimethylaminoalkylamides of dodecanoic acid 263 271
F. Devínsky, I. Lacko, D. Mlynarčík, and Ľ. Krasnec Vol. 37, 2
Organic ammonium salts. VII. Preparation and infrared spectra of some ammonium derivatives of 11-aminoundecanoic acid 380 388
F. Devínsky, I. Lacko, A. Nagy, and Ľ. Krasnec Vol. 34, 3
 Amine oxides. I. Synthesis, 1H-n.m.r., and infrared spectra of 4-alkylmorpholine-N-oxides 106 115
F. Devínsky, I. Lacko, A. Nagy, and Ľ. Krasnec Vol. 32, 1
Organic ammonium salts. II. Study of the infrared spectra of 1,1-dialkylpiperidinium bromides 541 546
A. Nagy, I. Lacko, F. Devínsky, and Ľ. Krasnec Vol. 30, 4
Synthesis and properties of 1-[4-(4-alkoxyphenoxy)butyl]-1-ethylpiperidinium bromides 409 413
I. Lacko, I. Csiba, E. Kolláriková, Ľ. Krasnec, M. Lagová, A. Nagy, and F. Devínsky Vol. 28, 3

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