ISSN: 0366-6352 (print version)
ISSN: 1336-9075 (electronic version)
Springer's Journal No. 11696


Author: Buckova

Development in Voltammetric Analysis with Chemically Modified Electrodes and Biosensors 95 103
J. Labuda, M. Vaničková, M. Bučková, and E. Korgová Vol. 54, 2
Some Analytical Properties of the Nafion-Coated Mercury Film Electrode 279 282
M. Bucková, M. Vaníčková, and J. Labuda Vol. 50, 5
Derivatives of pyrroline in Lilium-candidum L. 709 711
E. Eisenreichová, M. Haladová, A. Bučková, K. Ubik, and D. Uhrín Vol. 45, 5
Constituents of lilium-candidum l 793 796
D. Uhrí n, A. Bučková, E. Eisenreichová, M. Haladová, and J. Tomko Vol. 43, 6
Jatropham in Lilium-candidum l 835 837
M. Haladová, A. Bučková, E. Eisenreichová, D. Uhrín, and J. Tomko Vol. 41, 6
Constituents of wild rose seeds 709 713
M. Streibl, A. Bučková, and J. Tomko Vol. 29, 5

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