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Springer's Journal No. 11696


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CdS/TiO2 composite films for methylene blue photodecomposition under visible light irradiation and non-photocorrosion of cadmium sulfide 1257 1264
María Elena Hernández-Torres, María Teresa Ojeda-Carrera, Manuel Sánchez-Cantú, Nicolás Rutilo Silva-González, and Justo Miguel Gracia-Jiménez Vol. 68, 9
Structured catalysts for methanol-to-olefins conversion: a review 1143 1153
Jasper Lefevere, Steven Mullens, Vera Meynen, and Jasper Van Noyen Vol. 68, 9
State of the art in catalytic oxidation of chlorinated volatile organic compounds 1169 1186
Asier Aranzabal, Beñat Pereda-Ayo, M. Pilar González-Marcos, José A. González-Marcos, Rubén López-Fonseca, and Juan R. González-Velasco Vol. 68, 9
Catalysis and reaction mechanisms of N-formylation of amines using Fe(III)-exchanged sepiolite 584 590
Bilge Eren, Reyhan Aydin, and Erdal Eren Vol. 68, 5
MgZnAl hydrotalcite-like compounds preparation by a green method: effect of zinc content 638 649
Manuel Sánchez-Cantú, Lydia M. Pérez-Díaz, Efraín Rubio-Rosas, Victor H. Abril-Sandoval, Jorge G. Merino-Aguirre, Federico M. Reyes-Cruz, and Laura Orea Vol. 68, 5
Synthesis, thermal stability, electronic features, and antimicrobial activity of phenolic azo dyes and their Ni(II) and Cu(II) complexes 352 361
Selma Bal, Sedat Salih Bal, Abdullah Erener, Hatice Nur Halipci, and Seyhan Akar Vol. 68, 3
Methyl-2-arylidene hydrazinecarbodithioates: synthesis and biological activity 650 656
Manojkumar Mahapatra, Umasankar Kulandaivelu, Philipp Saiko, Geraldine Graser, Thomas Szekeres, Graciela Andrei, Robert Snoeck, Jan Balzarini, and Venkatesan Jayaprakash Vol. 67, 6
Provenance study of volcanic glass using 266–1064 nm orthogonal double pulse laser induced breakdown spectroscopy 546 555
Aleš Hrdlička, Lubomír Prokeš, Michaela Vašinová Galiová, Karel Novotný, Anna Vitešníková, Tereza Helešicová, and Viktor Kanický Vol. 67, 5
Nutritional, antioxidant, and glycaemic characteristics of new functional bread 284 291
Lucia Mikušová, Petra Gereková, Monika Kocková, Ernest Šturdík, Martina Valachovičová, Andrea Holubková, Marek Vajdák, and Ľubomír Mikuš Vol. 67, 3
Cadmium concentration stabilization in a continuous sulfate reducing bioreactor via sulfide concentration control 326 335
Pablo Antonio López Pérez, M. Isabel Neria González, and Ricardo Aguilar López Vol. 67, 3
Attrition of dolomitic lime in a fluidized-bed reactor at high temperatures 164 172
Miloslav Hartman, Karel Svoboda, Michael Pohořelý, Michal Šyc, and Michal Jeremiáš Vol. 67, 2
Efficacy of zinc and tourmaline in mitigating corrosion of carbon steel in non-flow mode 1304 1310
Leonard D. Tijing, Michael Tom G. Ruelo, Chan-Hee Park, Altangerel Amarjargal, Han Joo Kim, Hem Raj Pant, Dong-Hwan Lee, and Cheol Sang Kim Vol. 67, 10
Design of polyglycidol-containing microspheres for biomedical applications 352 368
Teresa Basinska and Stanislaw Slomkowski Vol. 66, 5
A halogenated coumarin from Ficus krishnae 735 738
Mehtab Parveen, Akhtar Ali, Ali Mohammed Malla, Pedro Sidónio Pereira Silva, and Manuela Ramos Silva Vol. 65, 5
Synthesis, optical, and spectroscopic characterisation of substituted 3-phenyl-2-arylacrylonitriles 42 51
M. Judith Percino, Víctor M. Chapela, Enrique Pérez-Gutiérrez, Margarita Cerón, and Guillermo Soriano Vol. 65, 1
A simple turbidimetric flow injection system for saccharin determination in sweetener products 285 293
Camila Bitencourt Mendes, Emiliane Pereira Laignier, Maisa Ribeiro Pereira Lima Brigagão, Pedro Orival Luccas, and César Ricardo Teixeira Tarley Vol. 64, 3
Spectroscopic characterization of halogen- and cyano-substituted pyridinevinylenes synthesized without catalyst or solvent 360 367
M. Judith Percino, Víctor M. Chapela, Ling-Fa Montiel, Enrique Pérez-Gutiérrez, and José Luis Maldonado Vol. 64, 3
Spectroscopic study of protonation of oligonucleotides containing adenine and cytosine 731 737
Terézia Vojtylová, Dana Dospivová, Olga Třísková, Iveta Pilařová, Přemysl Lubal, Marta Farková, Libuše Trnková, and Petr Táborský Vol. 63, 6
Synthesis of macrocyclic polyethers and polyether diesters and preparation of their cationic complexes 589 595
Şeref Ertul, A. Dinçer Bedük, Mevlüt Bayrakci, and Ersin Güler Vol. 62, 6
Computer-aided process design of affinity membrane adsorbers: a case study on antibodies capturing 458 463
Peter van Beijeren, Peter Kreis, Achim Hoffmann, Martina Mutter, Sven Sommerfeld, Werner Bäcker, and Andrzej Górak Vol. 62, 5
Death kinetics of Escherichia coli in goat milk and Bacillus licheniformis in cloudberry jam treated by ohmic heating 121 126
R. Pereira, J. Martins, C. Mateus, J. A. Teixeira, and A. A. Vicente Vol. 61, 2
Comparison of chemical properties of food products processed by conventional and ohmic heating 30 35
R. Pereira, M. Pereira, J. A. Teixeira, and A. A. Vicente Vol. 61, 1
Magnetic, spectral, and thermal behaviour of 2-chloro-4-nitrobenzoates of Co(II), Ni(II), and Cu(II) 207 213
W. Ferenc, B. Cristóvão, B. Mazurek, and J. Sarzyński Vol. 60, 3
Limited sample recovery in coupled methods of high-performance liquid chromatography of synthetic polymers 249 252
D. Berek and A. Russ Vol. 60, 3
Magnetic, Spectral, and Thermal Characterization of 2,3,4- and 3,4,5-Trimethoxybenzoates of Mn(II), Co(II), Ni(II), and Cu(II) 316 323
W. Ferenc, B. Bocian, A. Walków-Dziewulska, and J. Sarzyński Vol. 59, 5
Physicochemical Properties of 2,3- and 3,5-Dimethoxybenzoates of Co(II), Ni(II), and Cu(II) 324 331
W. Ferenc, A. Walków-Dziewulska, and P. Sadowski Vol. 59, 5
Characterization of Column Packings for High-Performance Liquid Chromatography by Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy 368 370
O. Šauša, J. Krištiak, and D. Berek Vol. 59, 5
Spectral, Thermal, and Magnetic Properties of 2,3-Dimethoxybenzoates of Rare Earth Elements 322 331
W. Ferenc, A. Walków-Dziewulska, and S. M. Kuberski Vol. 57, 5
Novel Porous Carbons and their Utilization in Trace Analysis 40 48
E. Matisová, S. Hrouzková, I. Nováak, D. Berek, and J. Kozánková Vol. 53, 1
ATP-dependent protease in maize mitochondria 602 602
M. Almasiova, D. Perecko, L. Bezakova, M. Benesova, F. Bilka, M. Psenak, and E. Kutejova Vol. 52, SI
Characterisation of amine oxidases from plant and microbial sources 590 590
L. Bezakova, Z. Ceresnova, A. Bilkova, and M. Psenak Vol. 52, SI
Biotreatment of acetone containing waters using a biofilm based reactor 544 544
J. Masak, A. Cejkova, V. Jirku, and T. Lederer Vol. 52, SI
Thiobarbituric acid reacting substances and biochemical parameters in umbilical cord plasma 529 530
D. Macekova, G. Kovac, J. Hinst, B. Illek, J. Pereckova, I. Spacek, M. Regendova, and B. Liska Vol. 52, SI
Free radicals produced by professional phagocytes: A double-edged sword 489 490
L. Bergendi and M. Ferencik Vol. 52, SI
Prions and prionoses 428 428
M. Ferencik, M. Novak, and J. Sokol Vol. 52, SI
Truncation of tau precedes fragmentation of DNA in Alzheimer's disease 429 430
M. Novak, G. Ugolini, M. Ferencik, I. Mikula, A. Mitro, and A. Cattaneo Vol. 52, SI
Characteristics of NADP thioredoxin reductase purified from Streptomyces aureofaciens 354 354
T. Horecka, D. Perecko, E. Kutejova, K. Muchova, and M. Kollarova Vol. 52, SI
(+)-Catechin: Benzoyl Protection of OH Groups and NMR Study of Products 107 110
R. Marek, A. de Degroot, R. Dommisse, G. Lemiére, and M. Potáček Vol. 51, 2
Photochemically- and Thermally-Initiated Decomposition of Hexazadienes. An EPR and Cyclovoltammetric Study 60 64
K. Erentová, A. Staško, C. Scherer, B. Voit, and O. Nuyken Vol. 50, 2
Ageing of GC Capillary Columns with Polar Stationary Liquid Phase and Retention Index of Hydrocarbons 80 84
L. Soják, I. Ostrovský, R. Kubinec, P. Kuráň, and V. G. Berezkin Vol. 49, 2
The Testing of Carbon Sorbent for Preconcentration of Volatile Organic Trace Compounds 169 174
S. Škrabáková, E. Matisová, M. Onderová, I. Novák, and D. Berek Vol. 48, 3
Thermal Properties of Complexes M(NH3)2[Ag(CN)2]2 (M(ll) = Ni, Cu, Cd) 175 178
J. Chomič, J. Černák, I. Potočňák, I. Zvereva, and N. Savelieva Vol. 47, 3
Investigation of 8-mercaptoquinoline (thiooxine) and its derivatives. 120. Synthesis and physicochemical properties of 6-methylthio-8-mercaptoquinoline 657 666
J. Lejejs, Y. Bankovskii, A. Bruvere, P. Brusilovskii, and M. Zikmund Vol. 45, 5
Determination of the excess thermodynamic functions of components of binary salt melts in infinitely diluted solution on the basis of the ideal associated solution model 145 158
G. Kaptay and E. Berecz Vol. 45, 2
Quantum-chemistry on the personal-computer 485 492
S. Biskupič, V. Kvasnička, R. Klein, and M. Bittererová Vol. 44, 4
Influence of pore structure of silica packing on hplc column characteristics 31 43
I. Novák, B. Buszewski, J. Garaj, and D. Berek Vol. 44, 1
Composition changes of the mixed mobile phase within LC column due to pressure variations A possibility of estimating column packing homogeneity 285 296
T. Macko, A. Poťmáková, and D. Berek Vol. 43, 2
Basic crystallographic data and chemical character of the precursor of the vanadyl phosphate catalyst prepared in the medium of hydrochloric-acid 589 593
M. Brutovský and Š. Gerej Vol. 42, 5
Chemical characteristics and crystallographic aspects of the vanadyl phosphate catalyst prepared in the medium of hydrochloric acid 595 600
M. Brutovský and Š. Gerej Vol. 42, 5
Quaternary ammonium-salts. 18. Preparation and relationship between structure, IR spectral characteristics, and antimicrobial activity of some new bis-quaternary isosters of 1,5-pentanediammonium dibromides 803 814
F. Devínsky, I. Lacko, F. Bittererová, and D. Mlynarčík Vol. 41, 6
Electronic spectra of organic-bases adsorbed on the surface of the vanadium-phosphoric catalyst 407 411
J. Čurilla and Š. Gerej Vol. 41, 3
Copper(II) complexes with organic-ligands . 23. 4-Nitrophenoxyacetatocopper(II) complexes 49 55
A. Valent, B. Lučanská, O. Švajlenová, V. Seressová, M. Blahová, J. Sokolík, M. Žemlička, V. Hartelová, and G. Plesch Vol. 41, 1
Amine oxides. XIV. Preparation, infrared spectra, and antimicrobial activity of tris(N-oxides) of bis(2-dimethyIaminoethyl)aIkyIamines 125 134
F. Devínsky, F. Bittererová, I. Lacko, and D. Mlynarčík Vol. 39, 1
Thermodynamic studies on melt systems: silver chloride-barium chloride and silver chloride-strontium chloride 720 728
E. Berecz and M. Szakszon Vol. 33, 6
Copper(II) complexes containing organic ligands. XIX. 2-Isopropyl-5-methylphenoxyacetatocopper(II) complexes 5 11
J. Krätsmár-Šmogrovič and V. Seressová Vol. 32, 1
Thermal properties of amino acid type polyamides 281 291
F. J Carrière and H. Sekiguchi Vol. 30, 3
Copolymerization of 2-pyrrolidone and its methyl derivatives. Thermal properties used for determination of the copolymer structure 292 300
A. Deratani, F. J Carrière, and H. Sekiguchi Vol. 30, 3
Application of a new type of porous supports in gas chromatography 336 342
O. Mlejnek, Ľ. Cvečková, I. Novák, and D. Berek Vol. 28, 3
Polarography of aluminum(III) in the presence of complexing agents 437 445
M. Galová and V. Szmereková Vol. 27, 4
Copper(II) complexes with organic ligands. XIV. Acetylsalicylatocopper(II) complexes of the type Cu2(acsal.)4L2 and Cu(acsal.)2L2 348 353
J. Krätsmár-Šmogrovič, V. Seressová, O. Hulková, M. Blahová, and M. Melník Vol. 26, 4
Migration of radioactive elements in a tube with temperature gradient 625 628
J. Mérinis and G. Bouissieres Vol. 21, 8
Adonitoxol, a new cardiac glycoside of Adonis vernalis 273 280
A. Cserép, L. Masler, D. Šikl, and Š. Bauer Vol. 18, 4
The stability of chlorous acid in solutions of mineral acids 771 776
P. Kerényi Vol. 18, 10
The o-tolidine method of determination of chlorine dioxide in presence of chlorine 592 596
P. Kerenyi and P. Kuba Vol. 17, 8
The colorimetric determination of chlorine dioxide in the presence of chlorine in water 146 151
P. Kerényi and P. Kuba Vol. 17, 2
Color stability of morphine salts 409 419
J. Balán and E. Csere Vol. 7, 7
Boj proti kampaňovým stratám 53 62
J. Ferényi Vol. 2, 2

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