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Author: Šeršeň

5-Bromo- and 3,5-dibromo-2-hydroxy-N-phenylbenzamides — inhibitors of photosynthesis 46 52
Katarína Kráľová, František Šeršeň, Matúš Peško, Karel Waisser, and Lenka Kubicová Vol. 68, 1
Photosynthesis-inhibiting effects of 2-benzylsulphanylbenzimidazoles in spinach chloroplasts 795 799
Katarína Kráľová, František Šeršeň, Matúš Peško, Věra Klimešová, and Karel Waisser Vol. 66, 8
2-Alkylsulphanyl-4-pyridinecarbothioamides — inhibitors of oxygen evolution in freshwater alga Chlorella vulgaris 909 912
Katarína Kráľová, František Šeršeň, Věra Klimešová, and Karel Waisser Vol. 65, 6
Effect of different Fe(III) compounds on photosynthetic electron transport in spinach chloroplasts and on iron accumulation in maize plants 358 363
Katarína Kráľová, Elena Masarovičová, František Šeršeň, and Iveta Ondrejkovičová Vol. 62, 4
Inhibition of Photosynthetic Electron Transport in Spinach Chloroplasts by 2,6-Disubstituted Pyridine-4-thiocarboxamides 214 217
K. Kráľová, F. Šeršeň, M. Miletín, and M. Doležal Vol. 56, 3
Inhibitory Effects of Substituted Benzanilides on Photosynthetic Electron Transport in Spinach Chloroplasts 328 331
K. Král'ová, F. Šeršeň, L. Kubicová, and K. Waisser Vol. 53, 5
Effect of Chromone-Substituted Benzothiazolium Halides on Photosynthetic Processes 776 779
K. Kráľová, F. Šeršeň, R. Gašparová, and M. Lácová Vol. 52, 6
Inhibition of Photosynthetic Electron Transport by Some Anilides of 2-Alkylpyridine-4-carboxylic Acids in Spinach Chloroplasts 52 55
K. Kráľová, F. Šeršeň, M. Miletín, and J. Hartl Vol. 52, 1
Charge-Transfer Complexes of Tertiary Aromatic Amines with Tetracyanoethylene 28 31
F. Šeršeň, I. Lacko, and F. Devínsky Vol. 49, 1
QSAR Study Concerning Photosynthesis Inhibition in Algae and Plant Chloroplasts by 2-Alkylthio-6-Rbenzothiazoles L 2-Alkylthio-6-aminobenzothiazoles, 3-(2-Alkylthio-6-benzothiazolylaminomethyl)-2-benzothiazolinethiones, 3-(2-Alkylthio-6-benzothiazolylaminomethyl)-6-bromo-2-benzothiazolinones 198 202
K. Kráľová, D. Loos, F. Šeršeň, and E. Sidóová Vol. 48, 3
Inhibitory Effects of Some Polysubstituted Phenoxyacetic Acid Derivatives on Photosynthetic Activity of Chloroplasts and on Chlorophyll Production in Wheat and Chlorella vulgaris 264 267
K. Kráľová, F. Šeršeň, M. Lacová, and Ľ. Mitterhauszerová Vol. 47, 4
Photosynthesis iInhibition Produced by 2-Alkylthio-6-R-benzothiazoles 348 350
K. Kráľová, F. Šeršeň, and E. Sidoóvá Vol. 46, 5
Dimethylaminoethyl Alkoxyphenylcarbamates as Photosynthesis Inhibitors 266 268
K. Kráľová, F. Šeršeň, and J. Čižmárik Vol. 46, 4
The resistivity of the nitroaryl and aminoaryl derivatives of cellulose 395 403
G. Čík, F. Šeršeň, and A. Blažej Vol. 40, 3
Monomerization of thymine dimers photosensitized by aromatic amino acids 243 249
P. Balgavý and F. Šeršeň Vol. 37, 2
Copper(II) complexes containing organic ligands. XX. N-Salicylideneglycinatocopper(II) complexes 12 18
O. Švajlenová, J. Krätsmár-Šmogrovič, and F. Šeršeň Vol. 32, 1

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